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The Ballas

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Since the absence of Grove Street, The Ballas had been making amends and also cutting ties with several gangs around the city. From what was a rocky start, they found themselves becoming closely tied with The Lost MC.

 The motorcycle club, struggling to pull themselves back from a war with The Aztecas, called upon The Ballas, their newly forming ally to fight in their place while they could recoup. The Ballas took this chance to build a closer, tighter bond with the MC and with a unbeatable display of numbers and fire-power and they eventually pushed the Aztecas back to their sandy motel, allowing The Lost to finally re-build and come back stronger than ever before.

  Although the choice was a difficult one for the leadership of The Ballas, they eventually re-kindled a friendship within The Aztecas. The two gangs finding common ground over a divide that threatened to tear apart The Ballas from the inside. A freshly appointed son and senior started to make unhealthy and irreparable decisions for The Ballas threatening their name and respect around the city. Leadership determined him a threat and instead of demoting him, knowing how much of a power hungry hot-headed person he was, Naomi decided the best choice was to promote his own cousin  with whom he was already competitive with, above him in a back-handed move to force him out on his own accord.


 And it worked.


But it also came at a price, that senior took around eleven members with him, those who he had masked with the impression that he in fact, built The Ballas with his bare hands. It wasn’t long before the veil of his lies was shattered once they realised without The Ballas they had nothing and the realisation set in that they had merely built nothing at all, except a scrap of street cred that dissipated as soon as the purple fell of their backs. With a handful of them seeing the error of their ways and blood being thicker than water, The Ballas recovered from this divide and continued to pursue corruption within the police force in the city and Gruppe Six. With a member of The Ballas being kidnapped and an attempted murder took place, not once but twice by city law enforcers. Coupled with what can only be explained as Gruppe Six going on some rage induced rampage where they left several Ballas for dead in alleyways, restrained and stripped of personal belongings for their own gain. Amongst the battle with the ’law’ of Los Santos came one of a domestic nature.


 A known trouble maker was beginning to weave her web of lies around The Lost MC and was making the beginning of what Naomi could see a potential problem inside their newly formed alliance with The Aztecas, with whom they had just fought several battles together against The Vagos, since the newly fallen ex Ballas senior had taken shelter inside of this gang. However when warned by The Ballas, The Aztecas did not take lightly to this warning. Seeing no error in the ways of the newly recruited snake, they believed everyone should always be given the chance “To change their ways.”

 Using long-standing links within the police force, Naomi began a slow but calculated plan to let lies and deception surface seemingly by themselves. One phone call during a hostage situation involving the The Lost MC saw, fingers pointed by a person who was steadily becoming involved with the new Azteca recruit. He pointed those fingers towards The Lost MC, throwing them into an embroiled attempt to extort and show the very depths of which people will go to obtain and use others, however this was all intentional, knowing how weak-minded people really are. Aware of the path of slow revenge that she was taking Naomi set out to then capture, record and hold onto a tape of the corrupt police officer who attempted to murder her son.

Faced with an ever rising threat of force from the police, The Ballas pushed harder against them, taking the police force to breaking point. Albeit intentional, to play the final get out of jail free card. All the while, the simmering point within The Aztecas was beginning to reach the point of over spilling. One final push against the PD saw the hammer come down hard upon The Ballas. Pushing the police into an operation to put away the leadership for the large scale organised crime, mass murder and disarray they had been causing around the city streets.

 It was with the capture of the leaders and seniors that night that led to the handing over of the confession of the corrupt police officer, a plea bargain to reduce a sentence that was served within the police department, allowing them to walk away completely free. It was at that point, justice was served with the police force.

 A new problem threatened The Ballas, one that pushed and sped up the process of revealing true intentions inside of The Aztecas, as The Lost MC president, took both Naomi and Darnell hostage to question them on why they had gotten away with such charges, completely scot-free. However realisation set in, when John Pope realised what a mistake he had made. The Aztecas were already knocking on The Ballas door, several meetings took place in which the leadership goaded The Aztecas who saw the guard dogs step away from The Lost MC, to take their opportunity to demand more respect from the MC while tensions where high with The Ballas, allowing The Aztecas to think The Ballas would back them if a war did breakout. Knowing full well, She would never put The Ballas against The Lost, Naomi lured what Jaffa to be his trump card to play against John Pope, revealing the information that had been fed to him, even though most of it was set up and mostly false. Jaffa was unaware as he pursued the MC with this information, cuffing himself in disrespect that forced The Lost's hand into a newly found war with The Aztecas. To which the betrayal against The Aztecas from The Ballas took place. Putting family and blood first, The Ballas and The Lost joined forces for the first time, together. Trying to out the snake that caused all of it, from which they were warned from the very start.


It came to a head, albeit a quiet one, when The Aztecas learned that people, never change.


Satisfied with endings, truths and recent revelations at her hand, Naomi saw it fit that it was time for her to take a step back. An early retirement if you will. Darnell also decided to step away with her along with Katie. Willing to give up the reigns to her eldest sons, Jambo, Finlay, Yacob and Sean. So they make paths amongst the city in their own way, like Naomi, Darnell and Katie did previously, so they can create a new chapter within The Ballas.





Forever on top.

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