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Hello, me again.
On another Server they had an.. Event of sorts, where you could start an RP at the bank with the police, and if the police thought it was good enough, you could go into the vault (with the blowing it up and shenanigans like normal) and police would stand by, let you grab as much as you could carry (no going back and forth) and let you leave.  The pro was that there was quality RP with the police and not just gunshots, also the police could decide whether or not the RP was good enough to let the group into the vault. The con is.. I don't know really, that people get gold without a firefight? I think it could be a good alternative to just robbing it, and you also still need everything needed to rob the bank (explosive charge etc.) so you don't get it just for free.

Is this already a thing, and if not what do you think?

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Right now there is a very good chance to get the cops that talk alot (including myself) so as long as you dont do it on midnight then you should be good! Also, remember that the more creative and unique the story is, the easier we will let you go. The rp usually depends on some documents made in Google docs and also some id's made there, so dont forget those! 

Inshort, its not an event, you can do it when ever 

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RP banks are easy just come up with something other then "I'm fixing the alarm" 

I sold 50mil loans to policemen last night for £6 a month over the next 15323 years (with a generation clause) no interest for the first 100 years and a break your legs clause if payments were not kept up...

walked away with £47k easy clap.

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