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MAN News - Interview with Cheif and Deputy cheif constable!

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In our series of new island interviews, we've got 2 special guests on tonight's news.

In our adventures down to the Port city of Malden, we found the Chief Constable and Deputy Chief Constable who were more then happy to do an interview with MAN News. Here we have CC ScienceFreak and DCC LastNickLeft for you on this special occasion.

Also in some extra news we've been told the MAN News will get their own building with vehicles very soon to come, and even an interview room!








Lead Anchor - Shadow @Havock

Editor - Joshua @Josh0733

CEO - Simon Muyijtafung @Simon Muyijtafung

Cheif Constable @sciencefreak74

Deputy Cheif Constable @DCC LastNickLeft


Do you want to be featured in an interview?

If you wish to participate in a MAN News interview, you may reply to any of our interview posts with a time and we can try and find you on Malden. Most interviews will be free for a long period of time before Malden gets more developed in the way of people having money. Thank you for watching and have a great night/day!

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3 minutes ago, Sau said:

nah mate, his fault for sleeping at the airport

sleeping at the airport!?!? a severe criminal offence that

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2 minutes ago, TikTak said:

My interuption was cut? 😮 what is this!

Probably because he saw your fiveM post and decided you were not deemed worthy 

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3 hours ago, TikTak said:


where did you interrupt? were you the hobo who blocked the cam

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18 hours ago, M said:

My impression didn't even make it!!!!

no that gets a hole video on it's own, coming soon

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