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The end of an era

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After 7 and a half long and eventful years the Arma 3 server of RPUK will be coming to a close. It has not been an easy decision that we, as the management team, in consultation with the Arma dev team have not taken lightly but due to dwindling player numbers on both Arma 3 as a whole and our server, we feel that our UK themed Arma 3 server has run its course. We have attempted to extend the life of the server by taking actions such as, a mass unban, the fair bans system, a new start on Malden. We've tried to let it run for as long as we could, however the Arma 3 servers next renewal date is 00:00 01/09/21 and we have chosen not to renew at this time and refocus our resources elsewhere. 

Over our long history we have seen 287,626 unique players, playing a total of 148.9 years* (*since 18/01/2018) in practice that is more likely double if not triple since 2014. Accumulating a whopping £123,721,080,168 ingame cash. 12,484 civilian groups, over 28,800 police applications, over 19,600 NHS applications, over 3400 Poseidon applications. Driving a total of 457,594 vehicles, bizarrely the most purchased vehicle for Altis, the offroad. For Malden, the SUV.

Top hours (excluding the headless client)

1 Embo
2 INS Steveo [7631]
3 Drex
4 Reiss
5 HappyKnife
6 Riz
7 Stavik
8 Stubley
9 Tigerforce
10 Salv

Top 5 richest Altis

1 dopefish Triton  
2 Raptor Poseidon  
4 Charlie  
5 Salv  

Top 5 richest Malden

1 DelBoy  
2 Sum Ting Wong  
3 PLAYER 2  
4 CC Gremlin [7201]  
5 Conway  

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all those that have put countless hours in over the last 7 and half years to take us on this amazing journey. Staff, developers, faction leaders, content creators and of course our players new and old for their dedication to roleplay.co.uk or altislife.co.uk as it once was. It has been a long road full of stories, growth, friendships, fallout, romances and everything in between. It would be wrong to suggest that every part of it had always been plain sailing, we have always tried our best and on balance we think we've done okay. 

While we close this chapter of our history, we look towards a bright future, since the shift for altislife.co.uk to roleplay.co.uk we have always kept our eyes open for for the next home of quality roleplay. We hope that those of you that have not yet had the chance to try FiveM, will do so and continue their roleplay on the sunny shores of Los Santos.

Now it's over to you guys, to celebrate the good times and share your favourite RPUK moments from across the last 7 and a half years, or perhaps make some new ones in the time that we have left. The staff team will be running events on the Malden server for the final day, to see the server have a proper send off.

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its a shame but its time has come and RPUK will carry on within fiveM and most of those in FIVEM will have come from the island of altis and malden all in all it has been a great time for RPUK and its players.


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Only a matter of time before this happened with how little attention Malden got after the launch.

Thanks to everyone on Altis/Malden for making it was it was. Had some of my best moments in gaming on this server, and I'll always cherish the memories (and the TB of recordings I got!)

Hope to see some familiar voices on FiveM!

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DC Kyle Hyde /// Consultant Bonzi Garter - Head of Rapid Response

Ex DR + STO - Altis NHS /// Ex Soldier - Poseidon 

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I never thought I'd still be here 4 weeks later let alone 4 years. That first night I played Altis life I played 3/4 different servers before landing here. Its been an amazing journey and there has been so many memories made here. From my invite to SOS and having to run the show for the inactive @ShadowDirector to the 3.5 years of progress in Police. Going from SOS to DAR shows the progress that can be made 😂. Been a crazy time and I hope FiveM will continue these memories for many more years to come.

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Thank you for the amazing memories and friends I have made since 2014.

Thank you to everyone I met in AEGIS and thank you for the amazing time in the NHS. 

I wish everyone the best in life and maybe one day I'll pop onto fivem


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A massive thanks from me here.

Some of my best friendships have been found here since I started my journey in 2016, from when I initially played with Lords Of Valhalla and later joined the ranks of the APS to see that I spend over 2 years there.

See you in Los Santos!

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