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Radio and phone volume synced

Isak Vladislav

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Recently found this to be rather annoying as you lower your radio volume your phone volume lowers aswell. So if i get like 10 people talking on the radio while im having a phone call, i turn the volume down and i cannot hear anyone on the radio OR the phone. 

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Can also vouch for this as an LSPS Officer when talking on the phone I have to switch radio frequencies to speak otherwise if I mute the radio my phone call is also at 0 volume

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Thank you for your help in alerting us to this bug, now that all of the required information has been gathered, it's been logged with the development team who will look to fix this. 

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Thread locked, awaiting development team response

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Excellent news! This has now been fixed by the development team and will be released in a future server update.
Thanks for doing your bit to help us keep the servers bug free!

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Locked & Moved to Solved

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