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Report a player - 777, 768 - GTA RP

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Report a player 

Your In-game Name: Dragos Martinez

Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: 777, 768

Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP

Date of the incident: 01/05/22

Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 4

What best describes this incident ?: Not valuing life, metagaming, RVDM

Please (in detail) describe the incident: Just for some background context I had been a miner in order to make some connections in the city however following numerous muggings I found an guy who also had experienced being mugged upon arrival to the city. Following which I adopted a character adjustment and starting mugging a few individuals to see if the risk would ever be worth the reward of leading a life of crime as it appears to happen frequently within the community. Once myself and a new friend of mine entered the shop my friend Lorenzo began the interaction, baring in mind the situation before began with the intent of a robbery but following jovial conversation and de-escalation we left the last person we engaged with alone. However in this instance we attempted to interaction and were met with zero communication at which point we both un-sheathed switchblades in order for the silent citizen to understand the situation they were in pointing our knives and instructing him to put their hands up. His response was to verbally dictate false server rules to us along the lines of not being allowed to rob medical personnel at which point we insisted we could not tell he was a medical personnel and he would still be getting robbed regardless of status I believe if the interaction had gone better it would not have even led to a robbery. Continuing to disregard the knives pointed at him he then leaves the shop at which point he was stabbed. Baring in mind all the way up to this point no radio usage was noted on my part or in the footage making it suspicious the timing of the two vehicles which then pulled up immediately identifying their friend and running over my friend, this VDM offence was committed by 768, saying they were waiting on their friend at the dealership I guess giving plausible OOC reasoning for him not wishing to comply in order to hold onto what money he had, for a dealership purchase, just in time for his friends to provide him with support. In the footage his trip to the ATM is visible leading us to assume he had money on him and the incompliance doubling down this notion leading me to wonder if we can be compensated the items and money he had on him at the time.

Regardless, we then flee the scene for the sake of police or retribution from his friends. Following this interaction we ask for 777 to join TeamSpeak to which this was ignored completely. I suspect a level of metagaming from the parties involved turning up to the scene at the time they did also in the manner they did as well as clear NVL not to mention a poor level of RP if this individual is in fact an NHS employee I would have expected a level of pleading/begging their aggressor in a cowardly manner instead of aggressive one, then explaining their job or even the need for the items that they had in their possession I cannot stress enough and wish I could have spoken to 777 in TeamSpeak that robbing within this community is new to me I am not necessarily doing it for the money but instead for the RP that comes with it, to begin with my first robbery I did so without a mask at which point I was informed and returned the victims items in order to not be reprimanded by the police. Not happy at all.

P.S I apologize for having no audio in the first clip, ShadowPlay failed to capture the audio as it was capturing the wrong source this mistake was corrected in perfect timing for the second clip and further violations, if possible 777 could provide his point of view I'm sure following the ignored TeamSpeak request he knew a report would be made. Whilst the NVL violation is present through actions I do understand it can only make your job harder sorry again.

Kind Regards

Dragos Martinez

Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot):

This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes

You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes

This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes

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Apologies for this report taking a little longer to review @Dragos MartinezDoes your friend happen to have video of this situation with the sound by any chance?

@SBSC_JAMIECan you provide your side in this report please since you appear to be one of the people involved here, Also if you have evidence of this can you please upload and provide it for me to review please from either yourself or your friend?

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Your In-game Name: Jamie Loveridge


Sorry for the long reply been busy with IRL stuff, I've looked over there evidence video and from that they didn't have any voice audio until 2mins and 15seconds from what ive spoken to my friend about. about that video it seem like there trying to hide the the fact that there roleplay wasn't good and that the way they initiated with holding me at knife point was poor and not roleplayed to the extent it could of been.

my mates who turned up already knew were I was going due to prearranged meeting after so they could meet up with me afterwards, at the time they tried to rob me i had no cash just my phone and radio and that I bought food and drink from the store. They threatened me whilst I was talking to the cashier(store menu). For me not value my life ngl i panicked and my anxiety didn't help okay yes I know that I was wrong to do so in walking away. I can try to resolve with them in game or TeamSpeak but as they mentioned that they wanted to talk in TeamSpeak I didn't have my OOC chat open on screen otherwise I would of joined them to resolve it in a better manner. 



Kind Regards

Jamie Loveridge

This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes

This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes

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Thank you Stuart for taking the time to respond to the ticket, I completely understand and appreciate the workload of the staff team so I understand the delay not an issue at all. Unfortunately I haven't actually been able to contact the creator of the video since this incident happened. He did explain at the time that the audio was unable to be captured in the first segment due to ShadowPlay not focusing audio on the correct application at the point of the first violation of NVL. The second segment on the other hand he said he had fixed the issue in time for the second incident which timely enough happened directly afterwards involving the individual's friends. I do apologise for the lack of audio I understand it makes this report difficult/invalid to an extent unfortunately my medal was not activated at the time I just felt that this situation had to be reported and a dialogue can be started. 

Hi Jamie,
Wonderful to get a chance to speak with you formally away from the situation. Regarding the robbery despite what you claim to being poor RP from our side, the instantaneous dictating of false server rules, basically speaking OOC, after a long pause threw the dialogue off completely. Usually when I have robbed people they express a level of fear or anxiety, especially in your case as you claimed to be an NHS worker and G1.7 requests for a source of quality RP from NHS personnel, but it seemed as such you were annoyed and wished to tell us server rules instead of RPing it out, which is what I really wished to speak with you about in TeamSpeak I felt as though you did not have a complete understanding of the rules and even then so the correct conduct would be to play out the scene and then discuss afterwards if needed. I also still find it hard to understand why you would not comply with our demands if you stood nothing to lose, as you claim to have had only small items it still seems that there could have been a lot more to lose on your part hence the usage of false rules in open roleplay to halt the scenario and the statement made by your friend explaining a car about to be purchased. The metagaming suspicion I believe is supported by the timely arrival of backup and the level of aggression shown without knowing what had happened, we could have been helping yet he seemed adamant that we were the cause. If there was a pre-arranged meeting as you said I would assume that like any regular person they would wait for you to conclude buying food and drinks as it would only a few minutes which is how long your visit to the gas station was. Moreover people tend to wait longer than stated times because in RP, situations arise friendly or non which can cause a delay.

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Your clearly stating rules right?, then go on to talking about reporting it to the forums in game which breaks one of the rules. You also then keep talking about me meta gaming right? I’ve already told you why my mates turned up because it was prearranged for them to come to the garage and that’s why they turned up because they was only around the corner from me in game and yes you talk about fear and anxiety I didn’t know what to do as that was my first time being held at knife point with roleplay that wasn’t played out right. The roleplay was terrible soon as you came in the garage all you did was waited for me to come from the atm so you could rob me, you really think it was right to do so?. Both counter parts was is the wrong but I’m not having this all pinned on me at all okay, I’ve said my side now and that’s all I got to say and due to the recording also being insufficient we’re you turn the audio on at the end to hide the fact the way you went about robbing me with crap roleplay and not showing the full scene that went on, the rule below was not met on your part of the so called role play scenario and wasn’t sufficient enough.

thanks Jamie 

(G7.3) Executions - Executing another player must be realistic and be carried out with high quality roleplay. Example: To cut someone's throat you must have a bladed weapon


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Hello Jamie,

G7.3 wouldn't apply here it was not execution RP in the slightest it was a consequence of failing to comply when held at knife point. A comment was made regarding having dashcam in relation to the RVDM this sort of IC lingo does not break character if anything insinuates wishing to pursue an arrest or civil suit. Pre-arranged meeting, your friend in the clip said they were waiting at the dealership not that they were meeting you at the gas station. Only thing you should have done was place your hands up and carry on with the demands not deliberately attempt to flee. Audio wasn't hidden I've explained that it wasn't capturing the correct application which was corrected as soon as it was noticed. The quality of roleplay in order to rob someone does not have to be the best imaginable not even saying that what we did was "crap" I personally did not have an issue with it, we attempted to talk to you and you ignored us and then the robbery ensued there is only soo much we can say in a robbery why is that any excuse to not fear for your life and follow the demands. I will wait for staff intervention I feel as though you are not seeing my perspective and I don't wish to argue in the forums.

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I'll kick this report off by a few points overall from the report then the outcome below.

In the video indeed there isn't any sound for the first 2:16 of the video that does make this report somewhat of a pain to work out what was being said throughout this robbery however it's clear you had some dialog for close to the 2 minute mark throughout. At 1:43 777 starts to walk away when having two knives pulled them. Even when they come out of the store they still carry on walking and it gets to the point where they are stabbed and downed. Not long after this point 768 shows up and indeed does end up running yourself over Dragos.

Within the report there have been comments that Jamie said and I'll quote from the main post 'His response was to verbally dictate false server rules to us along the lines of not being allowed to rob medical personnel'. I'll touch on this, Within the reports it doesn't state that you cannot rob NHS members however the thing you cannot do to medics is take them hostage or steal their vehicles. I can't say for sure if this was said in the situation as there is no audio for the first part of this but I could assume there could of been since Dragos does quote one of the people he's reporting might be a medic. Now in relation to the NHS/Fire Rules overall, If you are clocked in as a medic and you are doing normal civilian things such as wearing your own clothing, Doing things everyone else does and not in an NHS capacity then you cannot fall behind the NHS/Fire rules since a normal player won't think you are a medic at that time regardless of clock in status, However if you are working in an NHS capacity, Uniformed and RPing with people who need help then of course that's different but in the time of this report they are a normal player and not a medic since there is nothing to suggest they are doing any NHS work at the time, Of course I'm only going off what is being said in the report.

In relation to being run over, It's possible they we're at the car shop right by that gas station as Jamie mentioned and that they did agree to meet up, Without any evidence to prove otherwise this is difficult to show that it was metagaming as claimed above since there is no sound in the video that has been posted, So I can only go off what is being said from both since in this report.

Next bit in the video around 2:45 the following comments we're made by yourself Dragos 'It's funny, Your voice decided to come from him' then went onto say 'you know exactly what I'm talking about' before driving off and the recording ending. Now overall one could say you was trying to ruleplay here by claiming that you heard them both speaking and the voice was coming from the other players microphone, However in the rules it does state Roleplay Everything. There isn't a way to roleplay this and to be honest shouldn't be said in Roleplay as it could break the immersion of the roleplay as a whole.

So as pointed out both sides made some mistakes overall however I did do some digging into Jamie's claims of and I'll quote 'Your clearly stating rules right?, then go on to talking about reporting it to the forums in game which breaks one of the rules.' I've had a little look into our logs and can see that it does appear that 754 does make a few remarks and is trying to get the reported into teamspeak however some of the comments they made was unwarranted and could fall under threatening to report, Since the rule overall states this 'Threats to report / disputes / Breaking RP in Voice'. 

Now this leads to the conclusion of the report as a whole. As mentioned above there isn't any sound for 2:16 so the roleplay as a whole cannot be judged in a sense since neither side has any additional evidence for us to review, Now where does this leave us, Well we have two parts of the report that is clear overall, Not valuing life is one and threats to report being another. Now Jamie has admitted what he did here was him in the wrong and for that it's good to see people being honest when they make a mistake and this will be taken into account and that Jamie wanted to still resolve this matter. 

Where this leaves us is here, Due to what is shown in the video and admission from Jamie I'll be going ahead and giving yourself a warning for not valuing your life. When being robbed I understand that it is a stressful situation as a whole however within the rules overall it does state 'Value of Life - At all times you are to value your life, if you are clearly outnumbered or at an obvious disadvantage you should comply with demands.' I do hope that should a similar situation happen in the future that you would have learned from this situation and it helps you moving forward in character development. 

In relation to 754, They are permanently banned from the server however I'll add this report to their notes.

I do hope to see roleplay as a whole improve moving forward with your situations that you do all end up in overall as this should be a good learning experience from all involved. With that being said I do hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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Thank you for doing your part in keeping the community clean.

Your report has been approved and action has been taken against the reported player.

If you are out of pocket due to this case please now open a compensation request here, Do make sure to mention this report.


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