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The Wilco Meme thread

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Notice how i got all the chicks and you have a small penis

That moment when the forums tell you "You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day" and the comment you just read just made you literally laugh out loud.


Wilco...well done sir. This image has my vote.

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48 minutes ago, Booker Dewitt said:

Sorry, I felt that the new people of the server deserves to see this high quality topic.


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It's not where you come from, it's where you at.

Mr. Cardoso

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Similar to how the "maine coon cat" post is often brought up again for the sake of history, I'm going to dig this thread up from the grave.  I'm disappointed by how few people have seen it!

I couldn't do that without adding my own though <3 @Wilco Sorry not sorry 😉


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Formerly... Athira DI | CMO / NHS Admin | Staff Lead | Developer

"Tom. He's a good lad." *Nods head* - @Daanish | "I'm a CI, I do what I want mate!" - @Tadworth | "Who the fuck is @Azamai?" - @Vladic Ka

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