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Altis Life UK Server Development - Feedback

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Eh, coming on the server recently has been kind of sad for me tbh. People don't log on RPUK because of the scripts, they log on for the community - I like that if there's 130 people on I'll probably know half of them by name. Arma 3 RP isn't really of any interest to me past RPUK. But the community just seems deflated, like it's missing that feeling of excitement. There's no reason to come on past having a laugh with mates or fragging. Just feels like the goal of the server isn't to have fun anymore. It may be my interpretation, but to me management seems to see rebels as the cause of everything wrong with the server, consistently nerfing/not providing updates for rebels. So silly that people genuinely hate other players for being in another faction, and I know this is a thing. I don't know if this can change.

I don't know if it's just me, and I know there's still enjoyment to be had here. But for me at least, the server doesn't have the same atmosphere as it did in 2018, and I'm much less motivated to log on after a long day.

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23 minutes ago, Aethon said:

It may be my interpretation, but to me management seems to see rebels as the cause of everything wrong with the server, consistently nerfing/not providing updates for rebels.

I'm not sure where you get this idea when the latest update nerfed factions against rebels... Poseidon's reach has been reduced (due to a bug fix), police rubbers were nerfed, a gun was made rebel exclusive, prices reduced on the gang base weapon shops etc...

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Rice Krispy

This is quite long but worth it, please read it through and especially management and development as it offers easy fixes to this awful situation we’re in. The first part is staff related but the rest is all development related.

For me it just feels like it’s hard to have fun anymore on the server. Sometimes I go around with absolutely nothing on me and just try to create fun situations and have a laugh with everyone but the second I do something that could be a borderline rule break I immediately get certain members of staff spawning on me, which typically ruins the situation and then everyone disperses unhappy. Something that has been brought up so many times before is that intentions should be taken into account all the time. If people perform a borderline rule break but everyone involved is happy and having fun then just let it play out, don’t immediately put an end to it and then ruin the fun for everyone involved.


Now from my perspective on development I feel like Jaffa does a great job overall but focuses on the wrong areas. In the recent update it was “fixed” so that Poseidon can’t pull out any vehicles anywhere other than base and family compounds, this took everyone by surprise and annoyed quite a lot but the worse thing was the timing of it. If it was done a few months ago or maybe back when Poseidon started (when this has been a bug since apparently) then it would have been different. But now with FiveM being released and being hit with such a huge nerf to Poseidon’s movement it’s just given more of a reason to give up and play on FiveM instead. 

Before I carry on I just want to say that at peak times today there were no more than 60 players on Altis and for most of the day that I saw, FiveM always had more people on. 

Now what I don’t understand is why it’s presumed that it’s only gunfight related updates the server wants, it isn’t. What we’ve all wanted for a year now is for the server to feel fresh again and for new things to do. Theres so many easy and simple changes that could have achieved this so easily but instead the time was committed to police/nhs or unimportant things.

Here’s my list of quick changes that would instantly benefit the server and are not gunfight related:

1. Shuffle up every run, as in take the positions of every current run and move them elsewhere. This is such a simple thing that should have been done so long ago. Move the run locations elsewhere around the map so when doing a run it’s not just the same old boring thing.

2. Improve ALL the runs. Make it so you earn more from the runs so they’re all practical and worthwhile. The runs have been broken for so long and it has seriously taken its toll on the server. Make more runs earn a better payout .

3. I know there is plans for a dynamic market and it is/was being worked on but why are you waiting for this? What’s to stop you from simply swapping the most used run and the least used run 5 minutes before an update. For example you could make oil payout what diamonds does now and diamonds what oil did. Doing this every update with different runs will be good for the server and everyone would appreciate it, until there is a working dynamic market.

4. Admit you made a mistake. From trying to make it so rebels were massively nerfed and there’s always a huge cash drain on everything you ultimately turned this server into a frag server. By focusing so much on trying to make it so that it wasn’t easy to earn money you made everyone into stingy cunts who would rather die than give up their gear. Also by doing this you forced so many new players out of the server because you simply forgot that the servers been running for 5-6 years and a change like that just ruined it for all the new players trying to get into the server than the ones here and already rich. The only way any of that shit would have worked was if there was a full economy reset, but there wasn’t and so you shafted half of the player base instead. If you actually paid attention there was a massive correlation between rebel nerfs and cash drains and the quality of RP becoming worse. This has carried on until now where RP is just scarce. I would rather have people running around rich but very willing to RP than people running round poor and shafted and would rather die than deal with losing their shit or anything like that.

5. Change all the cash drains back, stop trying to take money from everywhere and accept that this is a 6 YEAR OLD server and people will be rich. If you stopped trying to nerf the player base and actually gave it stuff to spend the money on (like viper) then you’d see everything would work out tons better.


These are just some simple points that can be changed and unless you want the server to keep peaking at 50 players then I hope you really do finally listen to us as we just want the server to be better. If you liked and appreciated my points and want more ideas for improving the server nice and easily then feel free to slide me a dm.


Thanks for attending my TED talk.


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10 hours ago, Jaffa said:

I'm not sure where you get this idea when the latest update nerfed factions against rebels... Poseidon's reach has been reduced (due to a bug fix), police rubbers were nerfed, a gun was made rebel exclusive, prices reduced on the gang base weapon shops etc...

Not one month ago barns, one of only two viable runs for rebels, were nerfed to the point of irrelevance. That one change alone is a more significant rebel nerf than all of those things combined. If management/yourself truly want to change the balance for rebels as rice krispy suggested, a lot more needs to happen; see my drug runs suggestion from months ago now, it's on the same lines as what rice was saying. Police would have something to do in their lands, poseidon too, and rebels could RP more without worrying about losing their gear.

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SI Ali Barber

All of these things that you have suggested lads, to my knowledge are considered but as wilco said, there is only 1 "Full Time" Developer working on Altis development he can only go as fast as "he wants" - Its just a matter or waiting, and just to keep waiting and trying your hardest to bring new scenarios into the roleplay and fresh things. 

- My POV as an officer: 

Currently i only respond to firefights, hostage takings with extortionate rates or amounts that arent sustainable, "I have friends and allys in the area" fuel stations. I cant remember the last time i actualled did a traffic stop and didnt have 15 rebels around me within 30 seconds declaring the entire server is the friends and allies. Perhaps its not a development or addition that is needed but a change of perspective and mentality, as this is something that has been noted on the Five M server.

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Now I have taken the time to read through some of the comments of this post and I wanted to make a little statement of my own...

I want to start this off by saying "Thank you to the development Team for bringing us new updates as well as fixing bugs" not saying you are but if your feeling under appreciated please remember that there are those in the community who love and respect your work and we only get more excited to see what you are going to bring us in the next update! 

Even though I understand and have been frustrated myself when I have not received the content I hoped for, I think its important to remain respectful to the dev team. As many have said before they do not get paid and in my opinion its a miracle any of them do what they do for FREE. Its clear they have love & passion and overall are dedicated to what they do otherwise we would not receive anything. They are under no contract. They receive No payment. They can pack up and leave whenever they want. If you have something to say about an update then great! construct it in a productive way so they can then overall improve things for the next update. 

Again thank you to all the development team, your work is never going to go unnoticed!

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@Rice Krispy well said!

To be honest right now, no one in Finale wants to play anymore, Police are bored as fuck every opportunity they get, they camp the airport which frustrates a lot of people and in revenge, every cops is hunted down and now is just a case of lets get them back for what they did from all sides.

Only way to make money now is HM but there isn't enough cops on to do it and when there is, the moment alarm is triggered, mass log out which then leads to people logging off as their opportunity just left with the cops that logged out.

I am unsure with the idea of draining money to be honest I mean like Krispy said now people will die even more for their gear like its the mindset of I paid XYZ for this loadout, I am very likely going to lose it so why not fight and at least have a chance for it to not go to waste. Back when a lot of people were rich, they were more willing to lose loadouts because they had the money to buy another but now with poor runs that barely gets you any money, you want to make sure the loadouts are not wasted. People would try to RP out their ways with the police to try and keep the loadouts but with each side hating on each other the moment a rebel is stop it will always be 'hands up or you will be tazed' in which the rebel will then respond with 'if anything happens to me XYZ will open fire' and we get into a loop. Both sides are no longer on friendly terms and it's boring when people are out to get each other.

Right now, I am just waiting for server population to rise again and probably something new and fun to do cause its pretty bland right.

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I remember the server back in 2017, you could spawn in kavela and there would be groups of people, cops, nhs all interacting and creating interesting situations and harmless fun without risking peoples expensive gear and subsequently their time grinding.

But now it's all gangs with the top tier gear and try Harding, you cant even talk to people without seeing there friends setting up on hills. It's the same with specialist coppers aswell. 

But I think FiveM will breath new life into this community, it isnt war based and the roleplay can be of much higher quality. 


Heres hoping. 



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