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Gen. Reece Smurf [UNMC]

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Creebles    22
  • Name of soldier(s) involved (Please give their name, rank if known): Gen. Reece Smurf [UNMC]
  • Time, Date & Location of Incident: 11.28.2017 14:43 - 16:00 GMT+1
  • Describe the incident in detail
    My patrol partner and I stopped a guy in Agios and soon after UNMC soldiers surrounded us, I placed my hands above my head as ordered (valuing my life), then blindfolded and escorted to the UNMC prison. During the trip I was asked to use my radio to call AR (a UNMC guy was holding it next to my face) so that I could call for backup. After doing that (valuing my life again) I realized what was going on and to prevent other officers from falling in the UNMC hands or worse, getting killed, I decided to tell them that I would no longer negotiate with terrorists so they decided to keep me in jail for 45 consecutive minutes (3 consecutive batches of 15). For the first 2 batches I was restrained. Finally, after the 45 minutes, I was escorted to what I believe it was the Forward Ops UNMC base and I was asked why I called them terrorists. As I was trying to explain, I was consistently interrupted by the general who wasn't giving me time to explaining me, saying that they didn't want the definition of terrorist but the reason. And that's what I was trying to do. I started from the definition but couldn't get to the point as I kept getting interrupted. (I was trying to tell them that I considered them terrorists because they were complaining about the fact that AR tazed the general and took the mask off him so he decided to kidnap me for retaliation ). Anyways, as he didn't let me talk, he didn't understand the reason why I considered them terrorists and he decided to send me back to prison for another 15 minutes. Also I wasn't given any food and water (nor was I asked if I needed any). I should also add that for the first and the last 15 minutes (so 30 minutes total) I was left alone (except when 5 minutes after being sent to prison for the first batch, the general came to restrain me and then left again).
    The general involved and I talked in teamspeak and I was accused of poor roleplay because I didn't value my life while all I did for the entire duration of the situation was indeed to value life: first I valued mine (when I complied to their initial orders) and then my fellow officers' lives (who I didn't want to get killed/kidnapped). So in my opinion, the only bad RP was from the UNMC side who decided to completely break my RP by leaving me in prison for one hour total (again, 30 minutes restrained and alone). In lights of the facts explained above, I hence believe the general's conduct (as well as the soldiers' who didn't speak up) was unacceptable and unprofessional as they broke my RP and my game experience for over an hour.
  • Please link any video footage/evidence here:

      UNMC Gen. Reece Smurf came into jail during the first batch to restrain me and then flew off

    2. Second batch
    3. https://i.gyazo.com/339f0f016861f0a195379d20d9ab8418.jpg
      Third batch
    4. https://youtu.be/JCyeNtaO6KU
      Fourth batch


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blaze1981    5,443

As this has now become an official report a player , unmc command will no longer be dealing with it 


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