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  • Donation Information

    Without the brilliant support of our Donator's Roleplay UK would not be able to keep our multiple dedicated servers online and keep this community fully functional.

    Dedicated servers are not cheap but to give you the best possible up-time and performance and to limit the effect on any attacks to our network this is our setup.


    • Dedicated Game Server (higher specs): FiveM
    • Dedicated Game Server (lower specs): TeamSpeak + supporting services
    • Dedicated Server: Database + Common Services
    • Dedicated Server: Website, Wiki and other public facing services
    • Cloud Server: Asset Proxy


    When you become a Donator you have peace of mind that you are supporting one of the biggest Roleplay Gaming community's in the UK and Europe, We have been online and busy over the last 9 years since February 2014, We are passionate about what we do and we are here driving the community forward daily with plans for the future going into the next 10-20 years whatever that may bring across other games and platforms.


    To show our appreciation for our support you are given the perks listed below, Please note that all default Arma skins are accessible to all, and that is the way it should be. Custom Malden Life skins and textures made for RPUK are cosmetic only.


  • Malden Life Perks

    More cosmetic perks will be added in future updates 

    • Coloured username above your head (Donator / Lifetime / Investor)
    • RPUK Logo T Shirt
    • Blue, Orange & Red Camo uniform
    • Soon™ more clothing & vehicle skins
  • Common Questions & Answers

    If you have a question that isn't listed please contact us: email@roleplay.co.uk


    Q. Who is your payment processor ?

    A. Our website is securely fully integrated with Stripe, We do not see your personal details other than your name and the forum account you used.

    Q. How long does it take for perks or forum awards to be given

    A. Our system is fully automated so please ensure you have your steam integrated with the forum, You may need to logout but please allow upto 1 hour

    Q. Do you accept Paypal ?

    A. No we stopped using Paypal in 2018 due to the amount of people donating and then charging back a few weeks later without any contact to us.

    Q. I am under 18 can I contribute ?

    A. Yes however please make sure you have full permission from a parent or guardian and you can fully afford to do so, sleep on it!

    Q. If I become a lifetime donator then in the future want to upgrade this to Investor can I pay the difference ?

    A. Yes we have always allowed this, contributing that much is very generous

    Q. I want to contribute another amount than the amounts listed

    A. Please check the forum awards there is a £1 award which you can buy an unlimited quantity to your desired amount.

    Q. The community should look into raising funds by running forum adverts or sponsorship's

    A. Apart from Discord and Teamspeak which are brilliant tools our community uses we do not want annoying and pointless adverts served to our community


    Donation Terms & Conditions


    Our payments are handled by Stripe

    Please note our perks are subject to change and will be communicated on the forums should we need to amend them for any reason


    1. Your donation is made voluntarily, therefore, all donations are final. (No Refunds)

    2. Your donation status will not be issued until cleared by the respective payment services. (This is usually instant).

    3. Every donation you make is for the community and will be used to keep our servers funded, and because of that, we are not able to refund you.

    4. If you dispute your payment with your card issuer then your account(s) will be banned from our community until said dispute has been resolved.

    5. Donating does not exclude you from the main server rules or their punishments for a player. The rules will be enforced equally to all players and as such, if you become banned, no refunds will be issued.

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