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Join the UK's biggest roleplay community on FiveM and experience endless new roleplay opportunities!

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Join the UK's biggest roleplay community on GTA RP and experience endless new roleplay opportunities.
  • Roleplay UK: GTA RP Server GTA RP - Wilco's Comedy Club


    We have been around since 2014 delivering unique memorable Roleplay experiences to a worldwide audience on Arma 3 building up a successful community of like minded members, In 2020 shortly after our 6 year anniversary we decided it was the right time to expand our good name to the world of GTA Roleplay and deliver a unique experience based on a UK theme.

    Within the last year since launch we have expanded our team to 10 very talented developers who have been releasing unique regular updates to deliver features not seen before in the world of FiveM which has already created some memorable gaming experiences and put us in a position where we have created a name for ourselves which makes us the most populated UK GTA RP server most evenings. Anyone can connect to the server and everyone is welcome!

  • Recent Server Event: Halloween thedevil.png


    Here on Roleplay UK we love a good event and the FiveM platform opens up new possibilities as well as cosmetics for our members to enjoy and expand their roleplay with.

    This October our development team have been extremely hard at work to deliver our first Halloween in Los Santos one to remember and be proud of as seen in our changelog

    Get yourself dressed up! Don't get too spooked by the weather and strange goings on and get ready for the events that will creep in the closer to Halloween we get!

  • Los Santos Police GTA RP - Los Santos Police


    The Los Santos Police Service (LSPS) is the territorial police force responsible for law enforcement across San Andreas, covering an area of 127 km 2. The LSPS is the faction that provides the Policing roleplay in the server. 

    Officers of the Los Santos Police Service patrol the city in highly visible vehicles that ensure public safety. Our officers are highly trained officers and they undergo various training courses to deal with the variety of situations that they will encounter on their patrols. No previous experience is required as everything is taught by our trainers, but knowledge of the server rules is vital. 

    If you are looking for an exciting career in the city look no further than the LSPS. 
    " Every day in the city brings something new." - PC Reece Kidd





  • NHS Los Santos nhsvech.jpg


    Los Santos National Health Service is committed to providing the best service we can to the community through the preservation of life and the environment by providing excellence in response, prevention, education and training.

    The NHS are fully kitted out with all sorts of ELS vehicles suited for any type of call out along with a fully featured medical and drug system and operate from Pillbox Hospital.

    The NHS will give you the full medical emergency Roleplay role where your possibility's are endless and every scenario is usual different. The NHS is a whitelisted position and full training is given.