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Add Vehicle Durability


On A Spiritual Pilgrimage
Staff Team
Los Santos Police
Florida, USA
This one goes out to the hardworking mechanics of the server. The idea that popped into my head is that vehicles having durability that can only be reset by an employed mechanic could be a fun way to increase the interaction and need for mechanic shops. I'd propose that say your vehicle has to be "serviced" once a month by a mechanic shop to continue to be drivable. So, if you leave a vehicle sitting in parking in Paleto for 5 months and pull it out, it won't work and will require you to get a mechanic to service it. Once it's serviced it just returns to functioning normally until it's time to get it serviced again. This could be a good idea for Police/NHS/G6 to have fleet Maintenace contracts that increase the RP interaction between mechanics and those factions.
-1 from me. I feel like this is something people can already do, but it makes things more difficult for casual players, the person that only has a few hours free on a Saturday, or for someone who wants to come from a long break for example. So far, if someone decides not to play for 3 months they’d be coming back to no house, no containers, weapon broke (if your character is a from) and now to top it all of you’d have no working car. It just feels unnecessary to me honestly.

If the Police/NHS or any other group want service contracts, or to have their vehicles regularly serviced, this can already be done within RP. Its just not a requirement to have it to done, so nobody does. I quite often take my bike or car into Auto Exotic to be repaired, even when I have kits, because why not.