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Compensation Request - bighibbz - GTA RP

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Los Santos NHS
Los Santos NHS

Character Name: john jonah hibbz
Character ID: 108472
Steam ID: 76561199644785701
Game: GTA RP
Date: May 14, 2024
Please Provide Full Details: I walked into the casino and put down 100k on table then it teleported me to a different table and then its teleported me back and then kicked me off table I've attached a link for evidence
Link(s) To Any Evidence: https://medal.tv/games/gta-v/clips/2davpb-TUU2yRL/d1337vYiLvZR?invite=cr-MSxwM2EsMjI4MTY1NjkwLA
Lost Items & Total Value Of Compensation 100,000
: Yes
Hello @bighibbz ,

I've looked into this incident and found that this is a glitch, the table you originally sat at gave you a 20 but the table glitched you onto a different table and gave you a hand of 10, which you came out with a loss.

Compensation Issued

CharID: 108472

  • £100,000
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