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Compensation Request - Bobby Stanley - GTA RP

Bobby Stanley

Active member
The Great British Isles

Character Name: Bobby Stanley
Character ID: 245
Steam ID: 76561198405160763
Game: GTA RP
Date: Sep 7, 2024
Please Provide Full Details: I went to go rent a flat bed and accidently brought one the issue is, I already own one and did not want a second, I know you guys areant a 2nd hand car dealership but this was not planned nor scripted.
Link(s) To Any Evidence: https://medal.tv/games/gta-v/clips/ieFUC77soGOePrVJG/d1337KksI8Pa?invite=cr-MSxpcFcsNzgxMDQxNTMs
Lost Items & Total Value Of Compensation £100,000
: Yes