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DV Garage/Urban Outlaws


DV Garage formally known as Ricky's Auto Repairs recently opened in La Mesa, Los Santos. The garage took over an old LS Customs building near Otto’s Car Dealerships. Ricky, the owner, oversees the shop but also works on cars, bringing his expertise in engines and turbochargers to every project. He leads the shop with his three skilled employees: West, who is in charge of custom exhaust systems and suspension setups; David, who specializes in engine tuning; and Beemer, known for his expertise in cosmetic upgrades like custom paint jobs and body kits.

Despite their skills, DV Garage hasn’t attracted many customers yet, partly due to persistent rumors. Whispers suggest that Ricky runs an illegal street racing crew called the Urban Outlaws. It’s said that when the shop closes at 8 PM every Saturday and Sunday, Ricky and his team head out to race.


The Urban Outlaws are known for their signature vehicles, often seen in striking purple-blue with white pearlescent paint and gold wheels.


While these stories add intrigue, they also make potential customers wary. To counter this, Ricky’s plans to host open house nights every Friday at 10 PM BST/GMT, offering free full-service inspections and food. These events aim to create a transparent and welcoming atmosphere.


Despite the slow start, DV Garage is determined to make a significant impact on Los Santos. With their commitment to quality and passion for performance, DV Garage aims to challenge Auto Exotic as the top tuner and high-performance shop in Los Santos.