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Police Ski mask with "POLICE"

Kate Anderson

Los Santos Police Senior
Los Santos Police Senior
Your Bedroom
Simple, full covering ski mask with "POLICE" written on it for raids. I got inspired by the german police who has that for their regular intervention forces but also for their investigative and non reactive/responding forces. Especially the police written at the back / side is helping.

I thought I post it in the crayon club since its not rocket science, however I'm personally a total noob in doing any modding for GTA.

here some pictures:

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Oooo tbh I thought this was already a thing in police.
I'm not about the full balaclava. I'm about the police sign/writing on it.
Not convinced that UK police have the writing on their ski masks.
why not? would provide a nice target to aim for on Ffrenchs face :)