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Stock Market Script


I’ve seen plenty of posts on the forum regarding this however little have links and are just mere suggestions, however this one I will include the relevant links to the post.

I would like to see a Stock Market of some sort added in order to add an additional way of making money legally. Some people the majority of their time in the server is standing simulator so it would be beneficial to these that can make some money on the side in conjunction with the welfare check. I’m not sure of the ins and outs of coding or anything so I don’t even know if it’s possible but I’m sure the people will tell me.

The information for this script is in the links attached.
This would also make use of another building within the server as per the script and also has a feature which prevents people from abusing the system.

Could it go above and beyond? I don’t know, if you could invest in shops or banks for example, when they are robbed via heists then share price would deteriorate and vice versa should a shop or business not suffer any criminal activity for a given time.
Grasping at straws here but let me know what you think. Don’t just say -1 shit idea, say why and any alternatives you could think of.

Pros -
Legal way of making money.
Real life data which influences stock prices.
In game time frame similar to container laptop.
New topics of conversation in the city rather than “lovely weather we’re having”
Opportunity for players to make a business as a “stock investor” who advise people what to invest in for a price.

Cons -
Dev work.
May not even be possible.
May be little to no interest in this.
Server becomes a standing simulator.

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Love this idea, will provide more activities for all populations, civ, crim, police etc.