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The whole of The Occult

Iv been involved on multiple characters at different times with the Occult. Both been kidnapped and sacrificed, back when I was a wee fresh RPU officer, and witnessed and been part of serious conversations and meetings on my crim character. For the most part, its top notch RP - well organised and they all seem like a very tight knit group. Great to see and I hope they continue with it.

Dealt with the occult on my police character and civilian and every interaction had with the Occult has been enjoyable and to a very good standard they never let there standards drop and makes it enjoyable.
-1 They made me pick a door to leave out of.....

But big respect for Whiskey and what he has done! always have a laugh with you red eye fucks! +1
Occult are really good and I like their whole idea making them very unique. They enjoy RP and are very different to other groups out there. Their leadership is on point.
I'm still waiting to be sacrificed :(

+1 though Occult are always doing something dope
From the start of being an Occult member and towards the end of my own sacrifice this group has provided nothing but good RP. I had plenty of laughs in and out of the city with all of you! Keep doing you lads and lasses and The Penguin xo

P.S, Mufatt is still waiting for his sacrifice too 😄