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Unban Appeal - clayton25101 - GTA RP

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Unban Account

Server: GTA RP
Character Name: clayton
Steam ID: 76561199237878540
Ban ID (just the numbers): rpuk17100
Ban Reason: C2.3
Why do you think you were banned: Bin banned due to in middle of roleplay and internet went down and wasn't able to get back on till next day.
Why should we unban you: Id like to be unbanned due to I enjoyed the community and it was good place to be and due to being there for like over a year id like to think youd give me enoughy chance as it wasn't on purpose.
Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
Good evening @clayton25101 , I hope all is well! :)

You were told that you've got a cooldown until 20/06/2024 on your appeal.

You've appealed this ban before your cooldown and have also lied to us again for a second time. You did not have an internet outage, you left on your own accord.
As you've now lied twice and ignored the cooldown, you can have another 2 weeks so you'll be able to appeal on 04/07/2024 and no sooner.

Not open for further replies.