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Unban Appeal - Mr. Ahr - GTA RP

Mr. Ahr

New member
Unban Account
Server: Community Banned
Ban Reason: I was banned back when RPUK was running the Arma 3 server. i was banned because i went to work on shadowrains arma 3 server. (which at later state where shown they had taken stuff from here)
Why do you think you were banned: Has been stated in the ban reason. I went to help with map building on Shadowrains arma 3 server. (I only did map cosmetic stuff like making objects interactive, place needed buildings, etc.)

Name: John Yellow. Account on webpage: Pilatus344
Why should we unban you: It's been a very long time since this happened, and you have clearly moved on from Arma 3 to GTA v.
I am currently interested in playing GTA VRP, but I want to play on a server with a great community.

A long time has passed since this happened, and I have no ties with that community anymore.
I also don't do any game-related work anymore. I am too busy with my work, so I would much rather just enjoy playing with a great community.

I miss many members of this community, and I hope to be allowed to play with them again.

And to specify, I did never take, distribute, or copy anything from punk. I had nothing to do with that part. But I was banned like everyone else in that community.

I hope that now that so many years have passed, we can discuss this and put it behind us. And that you can let me rejoin here.
I am happy to answer any questions you may have.
Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes

I'm sorry, it seems it switched from community ban to GTA RP ban when I clicked post
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Good afternoon @Mr. Ahr
I hope we are well today?

A fair bit of time has passed since the Arma servers, and we moved onto GTA5 - with that being said, what has made you decide to appeal now?

What will be your plans, should you be unbanned?
Have you read through all of our GTA RP and Community Rules?
I am sorry for a late reply, been a lot at work.

The reason(s) i decided to apeal the ban now is the following:

1. i have a few irl friends who are now talking about that they want to try out gta v roleplay, and in my eyes there is only one place i know that has great roleplay and thats here.

2. i also like i mentioned before miss a lot of my old friends on here, and not long ago i was rewatching a lot of my youtube videos from epul time on arma, and it made me miss thos times.
Especialy my favorit video wtih ram thinking i managed to take a prob car from the car seller in kavala.

3. i have been trou some life changing decisions last few years, and i dont want to keep knowing i have some unsetled buissnis here with this ban. I wish to make up for it so we can put it behind us.

If i where to be unbanned then i just really wanna enjoy playing and interacting with old friends, and maybe even make some new once.

Yes i have read trou all the rules now that i can see them from this account.
Good morning @Mr. Ahr

You state you have some friends that you wish to join our server with - and this is the only place you'd like to be - Yet why did you violate our trust back on ARMA, how can we be so sure you're only wanting to come back to then go on and do exactly what lead you to be banned from the community here?

How can we be so sure you wasn't part of the ones, who copied assets from us at that time?
Hello again.

Those are some fair questions, so I'll do my best to answer them here.

I do indeed state that I have some friends on here; truth be told, those friends I have not been in contact with since my ban. But I hope that once(if) unbanned on here, I can repair those friendships again.

And yes this is the only place I want to be regarding roleplay, I have not been playing on any other roleplay server in any game since rpuk.

Regarding the question about why I violated your trust back on ARMA is a simple answer.
-I didn't know I was violating your trust. I was not a member of RPUK staff, and therefore I didn't know it would be wrong of me to help another community with placing some buildings on there maps here and there.
But then everyone who was playing on that server, and everyone in staff team and dev team got blanket banned on here.
I think some players or maybe even all players who where not in staff & dev team got unbanned, but anyone related to staff or dev team was not unbanned at all.

Can you trust me?
-Well if you ask me directly I will ofcourse say yes you can.
But in reality we all know that you cant just get the trust from asking for it, it can only be gained over time.
However I can promise I have no illwil or illintent with my return here.
There are a few members in staff team who I remember, who might remember me still and hopefully they can tell you that in all my time has a player on RPUK I have never tried to cause harm to the community. i was in the NHS for a long time and made my way up to CST, not because that paid a lot, but because I did love the rp this community have. and I really want to get back to that experience.
I simply just want to play with you all and have some fun while I am not working.

Can you be sure I didn't copy any of your works?
-To be honest, I didn't even know that was possible to do at that time, still don't know, I have never looked in to anything like that cause I have no need for assets from any servers.
I just simply wanted to build stuff. and that's what they let me do.
Ill post a video here to show you what I mean.

mod you dont need to show this publicly this is just to show staff team what I mean with when I say I like to build things
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I accidentally hit enter on my long message before spellchecking and finishing up that text.

To sum up, here is the conclusion so far.

-I want to return to experience the high roleplay quality RPUK is known for
-I want to reunite with old friends
-I would never violate your trust on purpose
-I never took any assets from RPUK

And I do appreciate you giving me this chance to try to clear up everything

Also, I see my latest response regarding friends can be a bit misleading. I misread your message regarding my previous answer.
I have a friend IRL who wants to try out FiveM, who I want to bring here, and the friends I want to contact again on here.