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Unban Appeal - opsfu - GTA RP

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Server: GTA RP
Character Name: Rammy
Steam ID: 76561199021010220
Ban ID (just the numbers): 17059
Ban Reason: sayin sumthing out of character
Why do you think you were banned: cuz i kept typing in ooc and then calling sumone a bitch irl
Why should we unban you: ive gotten banned for a day yday and now i try go back on it td it says im perma banned but when i spoke to the admin who teleported in a blue tron outfit said i dont have to man an ban appeal. how did it go frm a 1 day ban (24hrs) turn into a perma banned (lifetime) you guy get on me for this but dont get on ppl when they call us and non whitelisted gang lol pick ya favs then why not.
Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
and also now you guys gave me a perma banned cuz you guys didnt listen to the clip properly lol i litch say minka everytime i punch sumone so now dat i have rp in me when i munch and make a noise when u punch which u do irl if you guys know about boxing/fighting you would know u gotta breath when u punch by making a sound so u can fight for longer
Good afternoon @opsfu

It is more than clear that your attitude is not what we want here.

Take some time, think about your recent responses and how you interact with some members of the community and then appeal again.

Not open for further replies.