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Unban Appeal - Soarific - GTA RP

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Server: GTA RP
Character Name: Elton Prawn
Steam ID: 76561198059269221
Ban ID (just the numbers): rpuk12106
Ban Reason: C2.3 + G1.6
Why do you think you were banned: It has been over a year since I was banned so my recollection of events may be a bit vague but to my knowledge I was banned for combat logging and being out of character. I was abducted by a gang and driven across the city, from there I was left to die, the gang then returned and put me back in a car and from this point I disconnected from the server, only to rejoin at a later time.
Why should we unban you: I appealed last month and was denied by Phoenix, he told me to go away for a month and gain some RP experience on other servers. I am here a month later to reappeal and hope I can be given another chance. I have played on a few servers over the course of the month, mainly Vanity Network and United Gaming which tend to focus more on the serious RP side of things. I'm not too sure what Phoenix would like me to explain but on Vanity Network I roleplayed as character who wanted to escape to the city from his previous life, I got a job at a local fast food chain where I became entangled with a criminal group, I became a drug runner on the side whilst trying to stay out of sight from the law and work my fast food job.

I did not break any rules and enjoyed my time on the server but ultimately I keep coming back to Roleplay UK as that is the best one as I have mentioned before. Please can you give me another chance to prove I can play seriously? If there is any specific things you require from me please let me know.

Thank you
Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
Good morning @Soarific , I hope all is well! :)

What's your purpose on RPUK?
You were downed within roleplay, dumped within roleplay, then broke character saying "you're all shit roleplayers" and disconnected.
I think by this we have figured who isn't actually here for roleplay.

By how you acted, and logged out, did you disconnect out of anger at the time?
Not open for further replies.