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Julie Cel

Building PC - Need Recs/Insight

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Julie Cel    725
Julie Cel

First time PC builder looking for some helpful input.

First and foremost I'm trying to decide on a processor. I'm really only interested in intel processors.

I've considered:

Intel i5 8400 - $189

intel i7 6700k - $358

intel i7 7700k - $326

intel i7 8700k - $374


Prices are similar and I plan to wait for the market to stabilize to get a better deal.

What are you guys running? What is your CPU performance like? and how long do you expect your current processor to stay relevant?


Also, when you order individual parts, do they come with their own individual warranty? Like if I somehow break it out of box because I have no idea what I'm doing, is it easy to replace and how long do warranties usually last with individual parts?


Thank You to anyone who takes the time to reply. Your input is appreciated.

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Tommeh    578

I have a 7600k, and I love it. Gets me around 60 on average. All of the listed cpus are better, and will get you better fps. Ill be honest and say ill use this for the next 4 years. Hopefully. 

IN regards to warranty, it will vary seller to seller. Generally I have found amazon are fairly generous with returns and the like, however it really isn't that easy to cock up CPU installation, even when it can be nerve wracking. 

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Samatlewis    4,908

The higher the spec, the more future proof you will do for yourself. Saves you needing to upgrade again anytime soon, as you machine is only as strong as its weakest link.

You will need to ensure that whichever CPU you chose is compatible with the motherboard you are going to purchase, as you will also need to think of a budget for that as well..

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Ayrton    217

If you are going to use your PC for gaming only, then the CPU does not need to have an amazing performance as per say. I myself have a i7 6700k and have everything on ultra in Arma 3, and I have never had CPU usage above 35% (and thats only because of my rendering distance). However at the same time, I totally agree with @Samatlewis here as CPU usage is always increase, and you may want to do other more demanding tasks. The only reason I got my i7 6700k was for quick video rendering and code compiling. If you ask me I would recommend the intel i7 7700k due to its not too high price. PM me if you want to ask for anymore opinions.

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RedBlood    3

i7 7700k hands down.


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