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The Trashpacker

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I'd like to take a quick moment to promote a Non-Profit organisation set up a real-life friend of mine, Tijmen Sissing. This guy studied psychology, is a amazing freestyle rapper and musician and has, over the last years, traveled a lot.


On his travels he found out that the most magical, beautiful places in the world are polluted by trash. Massive piles of plastic garbage, that won't decompose in a single humans lifetime, are covering the most beautiful beaches out there.

Being a environmentally aware backpacker, Tijmen came up with a new concept:


The Trashpacker.

Not just go out there to see the beauty of the world, but to help preserve and restore it. He set up a facebook page, which got a lot of attention quickly. This lead to a entire community being set up in which like-minded travelers can help each other out. Right now, he's trying to organize a Worldwide TrashPacker day, where as many people as possible in as many different countries as possible all go to clean up the beaches, wherever they are.


This is a amazing initiative that deserves to get the attention it does and more. You can't change the world on your own, but you can do your contribution no matter what. As Tijmen likes to say; ''On your own you go fast but together we go forward''.



Show some support, spread the word and make the world a little bit cleaner. Limit your use of single-use plastic, don't throw trash carelessly on the ground. Be a better human than those that came before you and leave the world a better place for those that come after.



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