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Owen Stanton

Royal British Legion | Poppy Appeal

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Owen Stanton





The majority of you, especially from the UK will know of or heard of the Poppy Appeal. They are a non-profit organisation in aid of all of the fallen, and current soldiers who have served or are currently serving in the British armed forces and its commonwealth alliances, and not just the British. It is a celebration and a symbol of gratitude to all of the soldiers around the globe who fought for the good cause. Whether that be WW1, WW2, Gulf war and so on and so forth.

So? Why do people walk around wearing poppies? During WW1 Entente forces were fighting in a particular field called "Flanders Field" The field was once a prosperous field filled with many types of horticultural species. After the horrors of war had been swept over it, one particular species of plant had been left over. The Red Poppy. This symbol of hope and peace inspired Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae to write the world-renowned poem "In Flanders Field". Since then the poppy has been used to commemorate soldiers lives over the globe and used a symbol of hope and peace.

For those of you who live in the United Kingdom, you may have noticed, armed forces personnel and members of the Royal British Legion, setting up stalls, and groups to help raise money for the Royal British Legion, and several global supermarket chains have been setting up poppy boxes next to the counters. They don't ask for huge donations or even set a minimum donation. All they ask for is your support and in exchange, you can get a poppy or a wristband, showing your support for all those who keep us safe. 

Where does this money go? Well, all funds raised go to help our brave, selfless and loyal soldiers out in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan and Oman. They help support the families of soldiers who had their lives tragically taken in the war. Also, veterans who have fought to keep us safe in the past, are looked after and given opportunities and support whenever they need it.

So are the RBL condoning war? Absolutely not, war is not a necessary thing, it happens as a result of many different factors. What the RBL are condoning, is the bravery shown by our volunteers. Commemorating those who make the ultimate sacrifice and those who make it out alive. So if you see a Royal British Legion, stand, box or group, make a small donation and support those who guaranteed your safety. 

How can I get involved? Speak to your local council, or school and apply to get a poppy box from the RBL. There are many fundraising events from runs, to concerts. There are loads of ways you can get involved.


For any armed service personnel here, whether that be in the UK, Europe or wherever you may serve. You have my and the whole nations respect for all that you give up in return for our safety. Also to any Air, Army or Sea cadets here, good luck on your remembrance service, I'm sure you will smash it without fainting like I failed to do!

This is a matter that is really close to my heart and that was the motivation for this post. I appreciate the time any of you take to read this and I hope you have either learnt something or are inspired to support this cause.

Quick Links: https://www.britishlegion.org.uk/get-involved/ways-to-give/fundraising-appeals/poppy-appeal/


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