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July Newsletter

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July Newsletter

Published: 14/07/2019  Author: Nalurah




Welcome readers to the new RPUK newsletter! The newsletters will from now on be a regular part of our communication to you, the community. Every first of the month we will have a newsletter informing you on the things going on in the community.

In the words of the legendary Bob Dylan: "the times they are a changin", so too do we have some changes in the community. People are being added to the different teams; development, staff and community. More about this will be announced in the separate columns of the newsletter for the different teams.

As some have you may noticed the Community Team has taken a new shape and clearer step away from traditional staff duties throughout the past six months. This to make it clear that the Community Team is there to represent the Community, liaise with issues and provide fun diversions like events.

Since a few days I am honoured to call myself the new Community Manager. I will be taking over from the ever wonderful Mr. Edgar Ville. Edgar will still be around to help out the team behind the scenes. My focus as Community Manager will be to let the voices of the community be heard, communicate and provide a fun gaming experience for all.

I also have the great pleasure of introducing the new Community Liaison. This person has been a staff member for quite some time and has shown true dedication to the community. So a hearty congratulations to @KingGodDiabloZ!

Love, Nalurah




Development Team Restructuring

The development team has been ran by DJ and I for quite a long while now, and under our shared leadership we have had the pleasure of working alongside many developers who were kind enough to give up their time to work on our ArmA server. This flat management structure fitted the development team well, but times are changing, and we need to branch out. This naturally comes with a need to reassign and delegate responsibilities in the team to ensure that our projects receive a fair amount of development effort without burning anyone out (this is a hobby for us, after all). Which is why we have had a small shuffle in the development team. Without further ado…

ArmA Team
DJ has, alongside Jaffa, shown a very strong affinity for ArmA development and project management, which is why he will be the Lead Developer for Altis Life going forward. For now, this team will inherit all other developers unless they request to switch to the FiveM team. We would also like to welcome our two new trial developers @CC Tadworth and @Joe Malley! Applications for this team remain open, and are accessible here on the forums, if you think you have what it takes, give it a try!

MrKraken will be running his own team and will be working on discovering and testing the waters for future projects, sort of like an R&D department. Applications to this team are open, but require a wide and interesting skill set. Experience with common languages used for game modifications is required, for example, JavaScript and LUA. Applicants can message @MrKraken for more information, or can apply using the application system here on the forums. Discretion is expected from the members of this team.

You can apply for MrKraken's R&D Army here

Game Testing
In addition to these two main teams, we are introducing a Game Testing team. This team will be responsible for fleshing out updates and ensuring that they are fully functional before they hit them main servers. People will be accepted for this role based on their experience and trustworthiness. If you think this describes you, send a PM to @DjHolyChirst.

On a more offtopic note, it is great to be back with the community again after my extended break for exams, and I am looking forward to working alongside the leads to allow us to deliver the best gameplay experience possible. Everyone knows we were waiting way too long for those number plates 😉

Thanks, Ciaran



  • Ingame you are playing a persona, don’t let grudges from inside roleplay affect how you interact with each other outside of the game.
  • Try to be unique with your stories, it’s these stories that both sides will remember down the line, not the mundane.
  • With every situation that happens have a clear objective that once achieved you can then pull out. This saves a firefights turning into a war of attrition.

And of course as we progress in this community and you become more and more experinced the experience you have could be used  to benefit the community in the bigger picture. the Roleplay.uk do have Staff Applications open at all times. Now if you feel like you can contribute to the community with your experience and knowledge, we urge you to apply to the team.  Have a read of the process and apply! https://www.roleplay.co.uk/guide/support/staffapplicationprocess/



After numerous complaints the staff team would like to make it clear that to run up to people and instantly restraining and unrestraining them (i.e. after rubbering them during gunfights) is considered fail RP. Restraining and unrestraining people must be done with high quality RP.

Basically it's to stop people from abusing the restrain feature by running by and restraining or unrestraining 5 people in 2 seconds. There have been numerous complaints about it. Even something as simple as: "I am going to put you in restraints because you are deemed involved would be sufficient." Or anything along those lines, don't feel like you're limited to those sentences but be creative about it and provide roleplay.




This message was not written by Gold Command and not sanctioned by them. It was written by a kind RTU volunteer and edited for clarity.

With the addition of the seatbelts the Altis Police Force would like to remind you to wear your seatbelts for your own safety. Also we would like to ask you to not always fear a traffic stop as we often just wish to talk about a discovered anamoly. Racing away will only start a car chase which has a high chance of ending in a car crash and/or gunfight.



In honour of the one year anniversary of the Poseidon Cartel they would like to share their story with the rest of the island.

Around 18 years ago there were three young brothers playing in the back streets of Pyrgos. A rough city on the Island of Altis, but their home. Life wasn’t easy, made worse by a heavily immigrated Altis police force that didn’t understand local customs. Soon the Police were chased out of Pyrgos, Things got worse for the brothers. They had each other and through thick or thin their bond remained strong. They learned that the most important thing in life is family. The unbreakable bond that these brothers had was all that mattered and between the three of them, they could do anything.

The brothers used their cunning, willpower and strength to co-opt three notorious crime families. Orion, Triton and Atlas became a Cartel, named for the brothers, Poseidon. The cartel has grown in number over the past year, its members now represent up to 20% of the inhabitants of Altis. They are well equipped, well financed and dangerous.

Members and leaders of the families have come and gone, but Poseidon remains strong. The pull of personal gain or a misplaced sense of justice has lead them to other lives in the Altis police or amongst rebel factions. They tell themselves they’re better off without Poseidon, but Poseidon never forgets, and you can never escape.
If you have nowhere else to go, no one to turn to, or wish to leave your life behind then Poseidon will be there for you. If you work hard, and provide for the family, you will be rewarded.




We are the Altis NHS. We are here to help from the smallest bobo like a thorn in your hand to the bigger life and limb situations, even the outrageous stuns gone wrong. We are here to help everyone and if you are interested in becoming a medic, please feel free to fill out an application on the forums! We hope to hear from you soon!




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Storm The Smuggler
47 minutes ago, TheCap said:

very well done! Congrats @KingGodDiabloZ

Indeed nice to have this newsletter around just need to wait a few months then the police,NHS or poseidon have a new member in their team!

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On 14/07/2019 at 13:16, Nalurah said:

to the FiveM team.

thats sound nice

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Dr Willis

Hats off to Nalurah and all involved in enhancing the community experience, a well deserved promotion to Community Manager. 

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2 hours ago, Dr Willis said:

Hats off to Nalurah and all involved in enhancing the community experience, a well deserved promotion to Community Manager. 

Aw thank you Willis! Much appreciated ❤️

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