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Dat Medic Thou

Glowing in the dark

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Dat Medic Thou
Posted (edited)

This morning at 06:00 (+5 GMT ) was my first day of Nuclear Med for me to have my lymphocytes and bone marrow checked and the tech had all these questions at the intake and at the end he looked at me all weird and asked me how I was dealing with all this and I gave him this exact answer: 

Look hommie...with all the radiation therapy Ive got done once every 5 days ( 6 of 8 ) and the oral chemo as a side dish every day and now I'm here with you for a shot of isotopes ( tracers ) in my veins with some gamma rays to my neck and chest areas for breakfast,  I can tell you this....If I survive and make it to live a long life after all this shit I`m going thru...just so you know... I`m going to be mad as fuck if I don`t glow in the dark when I turn the lights off at night  😂😂😂  I didn`t buy enough Microsoft stock in my life but believe you me hommie...If I glow in the dark once this is all said and done....I`m going to break internet 😂😂😂  So lets get to it because if I die...I`ll never know...Time is money....

He didn`t even say good-bye when I left 🤣

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