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VOTE PASSED - Keep or Change the way we handle suggestions

Change the way suggestions are handled  

105 members have voted

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  1. 1. Which system would you prefer

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Community Vote #5 - Suggestions

Currently the suggestion forum is full of suggestions dating back to 2014, It is a place where our development team can dive in and look for inspiration as they look to create new features and changes for the servers.

Feedback in the past has been that no one is replying or looking into these suggestions and these suggestions if they do get rejected or implemented are staying where they are.

This vote is to gauge the feeling of the community on how suggestions are currently handled.

Disclaimer - Before we get into this the development team are extremely busy and it would be anti productive to get them involved in management of the suggestion system, Nor can they read every suggestion submitted, This vote is related to the management of the suggestions forum only.

Keep the current system

We can keep the current system but get someone to slowly over the next few months look into every suggestion and file them accordingly giving a quick reply and moving them to sub folders

This means that every current suggestion no matter how old it is will get a reply on why it cannot be implemented or if its something the team will work on to bring in the future.

To squash the feedback regardless of if they have been replied or not the development team do check these forums now and again, In the past a number of things have been implemented

Proposed new system

Using the feature of Idealtion which is built into IPS (Forum software) and currently in use by the question and answers forum we customise this so members can upvote features which will show on the main subforum page allowing our team to gauge member interest in features this will also keep suggestions tidy as people can reply with counter suggestions and opinions rather than a thread full of "+1"

A form will be created for submitting suggestions so the suggestions are of the same format and easy for anyone to follow.

With this we will recruit an internal team (Suggested by @ShaunLAD ) who are aware of the limitations of the arma system who can actively close and move threads that are not do-able or have been implemented, This suggestion forum will allow threads to run a suggested full month before they are either replied to by the suggestion team keeping the main suggestion forum clean with only the latest suggestions.

Anything that is full of engaging and interesting conversation and receives a certain number of votes (decided internally) will be moved to a different forum for comment by someone from the suggestion or development team to decide if its something that can be done or not (Yes there will be some disappointment as a huge number of votes is not a guarantee as will only act as an indicator, but that's why they are called suggestions!)

Due to this system change all current suggestions dating back to 2014 will be archived and will not receive a reply giving this system a fresh start.

Vote open until 28/09/2019 - Midday


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Vote Passed

Work will be done later this evening to prepare the new system ready for opening, All current suggestions from today back till 2014 will be archived and wont be viewed again.

With this comes a new form with a minimum word count which will encourage only well thought out and worded suggestions, This new area will carry some new rules and will be moderated to make sure only quality threads of suggestions and ideas are the end product viewable to our development team.

Thank you for your votes for improving the community.

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