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Bot verification to access server



Bot verification to access server

Brief Summary:

An automated verification/acknowledgement of the Discord server's purpose before new users can access channels

Detailed Suggestion:

Instead of new users joining the Discord being dropped right in with access to every channel, implement the use of a bot (example bot: https://top.gg/bot/555268869212733464) that forces new users to read through the welcome chat before they can access any other channel.

What improvement will this make to our discord:

Significantly cuts down, if not completely stopping, the repetition of "have you read the #welcome channel", "are you aware this is for ArmA 3 roleplay" etc messages that are currently posted several times a day with every new member by ensuring new users have unequivocally read through the welcome channel and are aware that the Discord is for A3 and not any other kind of roleplay.

What might people dislike about your suggestion:

Users that come from the website or other sources that are aware of the game server before joining will have to go through the process themselves, but it's a one time action when a user joins and doesn't need to be repeated.

You confirm you have looked into this and it is possible on discord:


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Read #welcome

Yes please

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