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Merry Christmas and an happy new decade 2020!

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Merry Christmas and an happy new decade! 


Good Evening hope you are having a great new years eve so far and I hope that you have had a great Christmas.

Sorry we couldn't get a message out on Christmas day I decided to take time off to chill out and just enjoy the period this year after a busy year of work and running (more about that later!)

We have reached the 6th RPUK Christmas and new year as we speed on to our 6th Birthday in February 2020, What a great year its been with a number of community changes that the community wanted that worked out for the better, We sit here entering the new year in a healthy position and we will continue to press on with updates, improvements and expansion plans in the new coming year and decade!

I have certainly enjoyed the departing decade and meeting new people through the creation of this community I hope its settled your boredom, made you new friends and brought out your creative Roleplay side! If we have ticked one of those boxes then we are happy and this place has already overachieved! 

We thank you for calling this place your gaming home, We hope you have a brilliant new years eve and a brilliant start to this coming decade!

Award: A New Decade - This rare "once in 10 years" award goes live at midnight and will stay active until the end of new years day


Wilco & his bloody running


You may skip this part but if you have been around the past 3 years you will know I have another passion other than gaming! and that's running around like a headless chicken for self improvement, fun and pain! Some of you enjoy reading it about it some of you couldn't care less! I guess sharing my story is a prompt for others to share theirs... we will see!

This year I managed to run a total of 419 miles along with taking part in 42 Parkruns, 5 x 10K races and a Half marathon in Krakow Poland which was a fantastic experience, I was also doing some training runs in the 38c heat of Cyprus this summer was painful but stunning!

In October I turned Vegan for various reasons some related to running and noticed a change in self being and running performance over the next two months going from running Parkruns (5K - 3.1 Miles) in mid 25 mins at the start of the year to 24 mins pre-vegan, I am now running Parkruns in constant low 23 mins managing a 22:54 5K during a recent 10k race and I have never felt better, I also have enjoyed the self discipline of being 100% strict.

Here's some annual pictures as your "memes" are nearly 6 years old.


Tomorrow I am off to do a back to back new years day Parkrun double outside London then my goals for 2020 are to get down to consistent weekly 22 min park runs my increasing my weekly training miles and run some more half marathons across the country & world and looking into converting from a running group to a running club (need to get a little faster first!) are you into fitness or any other hobbies ? Whats your goals for 2020?


Staff Team Messages

Each year we ask the staff team for there messages to the community this is completely optional here is what they had to say this year



Hope you all had a great Christmas and have a great Hogmanay. One thing I’ve learned in my old age (Ok boomer) is not to make new year resolutions. If you want to change something about yourself or how you approach life, just do it. Hope you all see everything with 2020 vision this year.


I hope everyone had a good christmas and i wish you all a wonderful year that is coming. Don't forget to share time with your loved ones and hopefully next year we can all fufil some of our goals! Here's to another 5 years! 😄


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks to those who have stuck with us over the last 5 years, and welcome to our new members. It's been quite the ride!


It's mad how I'm still here, a scouser in a staff leads position in a online community? Who let that happen hahahahah Nearly 5 years i've been at RPUK and every time someone asks me what I play on PC, even tho i cringe when explaining it's been such a laugh every moment i've spent on this server. 

It's going into another year 2020! Thanks everyone for all the laughs over the years and hope you all had a good Christmas and Happy new year! 

Piss heads


Time flies when your having fun well this sure has been the case for me as i joined on oktober 23th 2016 witch will mean that i have been here for almost 4 years now, I would like to thank all of you for being a part of my advanture within RPUK and i hope to extend this journey for a couple more. Merry christmas and a Happy New Year

Matt MSc:

It's been one hell of a year not only for myself but also for this community. The staff leads and myself have worked closely with the rest of the team to ensure this community thrives for many more years and I'd like to thank all of you who've stuck by us throughout and play every day. Here's to another year with many more hilarious adventures!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year


2019 have been  very eventful year with many challenges faced in and out of the community. With the dedication of the staff team and the playerbase 2020 is looking to be very interesting, and its been an absolute honor being a part of this.

See you all in the new decade!



Hope everyone had a great christmas and wish you all luck in the new year and decade.

CC Gordon:

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all, here to the next decade of RPUK! 



A hole new year is gone and i'm looking forward for the next year. First i'm gonna be a dad again this time a girl is on the way so that mean is 5 years since the last time i was gaming as a cop and my girlfriend came and demanded me to drive to hospital and i was like "you must wait i have to sent this guy to prison" So i hope she come again and this time my word will be you must wait i to talk to this guy he is breaking server rules 

But anyway hope you had a great Christmas and have a good new year. 

Harry White Atlas:

The week between Christmas and new year when no one has a clue what day of the week it is.  Merry Christmas and have Wicked New Year.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. A new decade is upon us, let's make it a good one!


Hope that you all had a very good Christmas and I hope you all have a great new year, I hope 2020 brings you all joy and happiness


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me ladies and gentleman...

The past year has been a blast on this community for me! met some amazing bunch of people and I am meeting more each day!
Thank you for being apart of the community and helping make RPUK special!

I will be entering 2020 drunk (as per new year) and crawling from the pub home, if you need me i'll be in the bath tub with a jug of water and a party hat on.

SI Jefke V:

I wish everyone a wonderful year! And Belgium will win the european championship obviously!


“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” Make sure you that whatever you do in 2020, at least actually live and do it as often as possible.


Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year from that guy who gives you that rare weird update that nobody particularly asked for or wanted

 Edit: I think Science is talking about his dev updates 🤣


Here's to you all! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you all have a great New year. With my whisky in hand and you all in mind, all I have left to say is slainte Mhath!

Chosen inspirational New years song/video

Mike Posner - Live Before I Die


Your New Years message to the community


That's it from us! Now the floor is open below for your message to the community, what your goals are for the coming year decade... your pictures or just what drink you have in your hand right now!


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Have a great night everyone! 

Can honestly say rekindling my passion for arma 3, specifically RPUK has been one of the best things I've done this year amongst alot of negatives, this certainly has helped bring something positive back to me. 

Meeting new people and catching up with old friends has been amazing. Bringing back AEGIS has been great and reminds me of the good times when I joined the server five years ago. 

All the best to everyone in 2020 and stay safe tonight! 

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Rice Krispy

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all. Remember to enjoy yourselves and have a laugh.


Special shout out to Alpha Group. I hope they enjoy the rest of their primary school days before going off to high school next year, it’ll fly by chaps 🙂

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4 hours ago, Wilco said:



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Storm The ARAC

Have a great one everyone and lets hope it will be a succesfull year

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11 hours ago, ShaunLAD said:

I know,  its a fucking insult.

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Happy new yeah everyone at RPUK hope you all had a blast. ive been here for over 13/14 months now having a great time met so many decent people even enemies turn out to be great people also haha congratulations to @DELETER thats great news. @Roberts its to early for a can of fosters haha. @Stavik for that touching song and kind words when i was down thanks man.

Thank all the staff and comunity for making this a great place to chill and enjoy great times happy 2020 peeps

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5 years! How fast it goes! I hope everyone have a brilliant year. I for one am not looking forward to going back to work on the 6th of January... Remember it is the community that brings everyone together and how everyone should look for positives rather than solely looking at the negatives.

Hope you all had a great holiday break! Here is to 5 years and 5 years of expansion. 


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22 hours ago, GR33NY said:

@Roberts its to early for a can of fosters haha.

It's never too early for a can mate. It's 11pm somewhere in the world!

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