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Dan Oneleg

Organic Delivers

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Dan Oneleg


Hi all,

My name Is Paul Mclaw, i'm currently the proud owner of Organic Deliveries. The company's main goal is to make sure that everyone in Los Santos has the ability for Food and Drink. Organic Deliveries is in the process of testing products and selling goods at Legion. The growth for the company is great, I would like to extend a hand to all within Los Santos. Find below the Targets and goals of the Company.


  1. Make sure everyone within Los Santos is having Food and Drink 
  2. Support local Pickers and collectors
  3. Supply all elements of Los Santos with Food and Drink including both LSPD and EMS 
  4. Create A long lasting Business relationships with different groups within the City 


  1. Spread across different aspects of Business within Los Santos
  2. Employ workers and strong Business ties with Other groups within Los Santos
  3. Provide a Safe place and a Natural Ground for all when buying and selling 

I would like to offer anyone the chance to reach out to my self about Business moving forward, the Company does have room for growth and payment can be arranged for anyone that wishes to help and support local Business within the city.

Contact Information:
Business Email DanTom#9594
Business Phone number: #49396

Thank you 

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