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Post your favourite song(s)

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As the title says, post your favourite song at the moment.

Babyshambles, Libertines, Puta Madres, anything Pete Doherty is amazing. Classic example of amazing British Rock.

This song is great, has Ska vibes

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I had to put my favourite song in
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14 minutes ago, Staticz said:
4 minutes ago, JoshuaN said:



When you see these you know its a good playlist👌

Arctic monkeys are absolutely amazing. Though i think the lead singer, Alex, is a bit of a melt. Thinks too highly of himself. Says that they are continuing "Rock and roll".

Declan McKenna is sound, i like him

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5 minutes ago, Jayray Holder said:

@3FingerGaming Your music taste has always been pretty good. I saved them to a playlist

ahhh shucks! haha i guess listening to spotify wayyy too much does pay off!

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Try Powerwolf then , you might like it. Similar to the one you posted ish.

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13 minutes ago, Nuclear said:

Try Powerwolf then , you might like it. Similar to the one you posted ish.

Power wolf is great. I listen to them often, Sabaton is also good.


3 minutes ago, Vexed - Brad MG said:

It's very emotional and heart felt.

😂 Classic song. Very emotional

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