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William Antrim

The Colombo Family

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William Antrim
Posted (edited)

Don Agnasio Colombo arrived in Liberty City fresh from the old country with a head full of ambition and a pocket full of nothing. All of his worldly possessions were stored in the shoeshine box that filled his belly and rested his head each evening. The first few years were the hardest as a 14yr old boy who could barely speak the new language he began to work initially for the local hoods and street toughs around the port, eventually being noticed by the Algonquin Mob. 

At that point life changed, almost six years to the day he stepped off the boat at Ellis Island he was formally inducted into the Algonquin Mafioso family, "Mia Familia" as he would wistfully recall on his death bed many years later. In those early days Don Agnasio was a grafter, he worked hard at everything for the family, racketeering, loan sharking, numbers, sports betting, even some violence and the occasional robbery. Each time he took a job he gained a little experience and a little bit more respect. With each success he rose a little higher up the ladder and eventually became a "friend of ours", then a "capo" and finally when his boss was killed by a Ukrainian taxi driver with a grudge, he became the Capo di tutti cappa, the boss of bosses. 

 Under his tutelage the family expanded rapidly, his son Michael branched out into Vice City during the cocaine-fuelled excesses of the 1980s and 1990s and by 2013 his grandson's were already setting their sights on Los Santos, the beating heart of San Andreas. It took several years to establish themselves in Los Santos but today the Colombo Family has achieved something that no other Mob family has ever achieved, almost 100% legitimacy. 

The Colombo Family is represented within Los Santos by a conglomerate of industries, Colombo Holdings. The companies under this umbrella operate in, but not limited to; mineral mining and exploration, fruit and dry goods shipping, luxury travel and limousine services alongside a plethora of other activities and illicit services. The family would like to welcome new immigrants to this fine City of Los Santos and would be glad to provide any of these services to those people should they request them. You can contact us via Twitter or if you prefer to contact individual members of the family by phone then our numbers can be found at the bottom of this advertisement. Don Agnasio was once a poor immigrant child with no friends and no help, we would like to repay the kindness shown to him by offering you the same helping hand. 

With our deepest respect,

The Colombo Family. 


If you  wish to contact anyone from the Family, we can be reached at the telephone numbers below:  


Steve noJobs: 354-1392 Head of Recruitment. 

William Antrim: 335--9947 Consigliere & contract manager. 

Alphonse Brown:  928-8632 - Muscle

Felix Marrifield:  515-3513 Head of Imports/Exports 

Jay:  623-9032 Head of Risk Management division

Meghdad Kabir (MK):  953-2633 Head of Transport Division

We supply and purchase many different kinds of products and services. We will supply bulk orders of 500kg runs of any requested goods and services and we will offer very generous rates to our first clients. Please contact the above named individuals to request orders or offer us any products you have to sell. We will set a time and a place to meet and negotiate a contract. Please allow 72 hours to reply from initial contact as we are a very busy organisation currently and will look to respond at our earliest convenience. 


William Antrim, 

Colombo Family. 



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William Antrim
Posted (edited)

It saddens me greatly to report that with immediate effect, the former CEO of Colombo Holdings PLC has been made redundant. The board convened and after a unanimous decision the individual known as Lee Reynolds will no longer be employed by the family or any of its companies. It is an unfortunate turn of events and a number of our clients and associates will probably have felt the effects of this sacking in the short term. 

The Colombo Family wishes to wholeheartedly apologise for any reputational damage, or risk of injury to life or limb which may have been brought about by this much needed but drastic change. In the interim period our Contract Manager and controlling shareholder, Mr William Antrim, will assume control of the company and its assets. 

We wish to reassure all of our clients that this incident was not unexpected and has been prepared for in advance. We will continue to do business as usual and would like to extend our thanks for continued support in this difficult period. 




The Colombo Family. 

Edited by William Antrim

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