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The Grove Street Family


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Who are we?

Grove Street is a gang located in the hood of Los Santos, we are involved with large scale drug and firearm operations. Operating under the nose of the feds we rely on trust and our brotherhood to keep us going through the think and the thin. We risk our lives every day to keep each other safe as we know they will do the same for us. Despite being a new force on the scene in Los Santos we demand respect wherever we go and we don't run in the face of fear when the reward is high. We are not here to take pocket change we are here for the high risk high reward jobs, we are here because we are brothers we are here because we are Grove Street.


How do I join?

Copy and paste the intrest form below. If you are picked, you will be taken on as an associate. If we decide we trust you and we like you, you will then go on to rep the Grove Street Colours



Phone Number (Optional):

Why do you want to join?:

How long have you been about?

Can anyone in Grove vouch for you?:




The Family Structure

Shot Callers


Street Soldiers



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Glad to be here!

We aim to provide high quality RP interaction through our time here however if there is any concerns or issues regarding grove they can be directed towards myself or either leaders if available.

Keep an eye out,

This is grove turf!



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Grocery street simps


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@Magic Mike i lurk in the shadows, behind the scenes. spying on Felix snow and his simp behaviour. I'm currently building a case against him to take him to court, hopefully to see him locked up for good.

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Now Recruiting. Check the post for details

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  • Felix changed the title to The Grove Street Family
  • 1 month later...
13 hours ago, B0sh said:


Interesting location and time of the photo. Can't wrap my head around what was there yesterday...

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4 hours ago, Pavlic said:

Interesting location and time of the photo. Can't wrap my head around what was there yesterday...

Definitely not a stolen interceptor


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