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Weapons in prison



I think that if you get arrested and sent to prison, and an officer does not remove your weapons from you in the PD, or he does not search you, you should be able to keep your weapons when you are sent to prison, and this would enforce the rule that police have to make sure they strip you.

This would be good to be added as it can make better rp in the prisons. Earlier i had a situation where the police did not remove any of my weapons, but i was sent to prison by them, which made me lose my weapons etc. I think it would be cool if they didnt search you, it wouldnt remove your weapons automatically, and it would result in a punishment for the officer if somebody finds out, and also create better RP for in the prison.

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A lot is coming to the prison SoonTM. This is likely to be started when we move police functionality of searching, restraining etc from the old core new prison will come with prison tasks, jobs, and exclusive things found in prisons etc...

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