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The Lost MC

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The creator of this post has made aware that this topic is used for spreading pictures containing the lost mc, please do not use this topic to complain.

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Moved to the correct section of the forum 😉.

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On the way to the Yellow Jacks to lay low after our big fight night was rudely interrupted.



Everyone's favourite chubby bastard Jeffrey


The Garcia's

A random Crackhead we found squatting (Johnny)

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7 minutes ago, Simen said:

Back to this again are we?
Bit rich coming from the group that speaks more on teamspeak or discord than ingame during that video 😛


God, I look so fucking good there. 

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This is a thread for cool photos not arguing about a situation you didn't like, kindly take this elsewhere and stop fucking up my thread.

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Taken a bit ago where Sherman, Brad and Jax all attended a members meeting... Rare day...





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