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RDM rules in kill zone

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This isn’t a ban appeal or arguing the rule I was just wondering how it works a friend of mine was banned for killing a police in the kill zone the admin said he should have said he was going to shoot (just to clarify I didn’t hear the entire thing just through 2nd hand conversation) but in a kill zone that by the way is what the police officer called it should it be RDM especially when A. We were carrying illegal firearms obviously bought at the black market B. We were just about to attack the castle in police control and C. That we had just held the laundry and church for about 30 Mins 

once again not a ban appeal or arguing the rules just wanted to clear up how that situation should have been handled 

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You dont have to bring rp to kill someone inside the red circles on the map(red zones). Shooting anyone outside these zones whitout sufficent rp, is concidered rdm unless you have shot them inside and they attempt to flee outside and eyes have been kept.

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