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The Peaky Blinders [Dead/Removed]


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The Peaky Blinders are an urban street gang based in Los Santos, UK, originating in Small Heath, Birmingham. From the beginning of the 20th Century, through WWI and into the post-war era, the group clawed their way out of the harsh economic depression of working-class Britain and bolstered their ranks from the large pool of war-battered and experienced young men who had forged bonds together in the trenches of France.

They seized their social standing, criminal influence and power through their brutal mastery of robbery and protection racketeering, extortion and blackmail, marketing and producing weapons, drug running, illegal bookmaking and the control of gambling, and of course, violence and murder for hire.

Members of this gang have a signature style that includes tailored suits, Black printed-bandanas, black trousers, leather shoes, and peaked flat caps. The gang is highly-organised with its own internal hierarchy, although the members are still mainly unknown.

The Blinders are still a dominant and reputable force in the criminal underworld, and although its largely believed the original Shelby family disappeared by the end of the 1930s, their successors have returned to the streets in the 21st century to claim what is theirs once more. 

So any of those who think they can stand in their way, step aside.. By order of the Peaky Blinders


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An official message from The Morrison Family to those whom are misinformed: The "disused horse ranch, aptly named 'La Fuenta Blanca'" is property to The Morrison Family. Anyone found to be trespassing on these grounds will dealt with accordingly. I advise those whom choose to walk where they do not belong to become informed before walking over the threshold of one of the richest families Los Santos has ever seen. As described yourself, I suggest you stay urban to Los Santos and in the future not venture off to where you don't belong.

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