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Unban Appeal - jay1337 - 09/10/20


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In-game Name
Jay Bishop

Steam ID

The date of your ban.

Member of the team that banned you.

Reason given for your ban.

Which server are you banned from?

In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.
The main issue from what it seems to me was not allowing somebody to pick me up. It's a well known bug that after you are downed you cannot interact with the game through keyboard actions in any way shape or form and despite pressing enter on both buttons and attempting to press 'T' or /report to call for an admin surrounding the situation as to why I was downed and the others around me (RDM and VDM) it was clear to me that I couldn't give them what they wanted even if I wanted to. I had a standard pistol and a Taser on me which is peanuts and I'm not really bothered by the loss of face to a group I've not heard anything about.

However, an admin had responded to the situation and by this time a full on argument had ensued between the Peaky Blinders and the Morrisons parties and my voice was picked out of the crowd of downed individuals and I was banned immediately for 2.3 without conversation, and was shortly followed by the other Peaky Blinders for the exact same reason. Insults and threats were being thrown back and forth by both parties and the decision I would have opted for personally, would have been to separate both parties, investigate and then act according. However Robbie decided otherwise and thought the ban-hammer was the best approach prior to investigation and it then spilled out onto the Discord and finally into the Teamspeak.

Arguably the entire event could well have been avoided if the Morrisons party decided not to be so stabby and shoot-y and run over others when it probably wasn't needed, and then the choice of language on all sides could have been a little better chosen and not caused Robbie to enter the fray of words and get rid of what he deemed to be the party in the wrong.

Why should we unban you ?
Well, I'm in two minds on how to answer this question.

On one hand, I think it was a very brash decision to ban me and possibly a decision that wasn't given much thought to and happened a little too sudden without proper investigation as to what happened. Such an investigation may well have placed the Blinders in a much better light and possibly incriminated the Morrisons family for RDM/VDM. Alas, I feel like whatever answer I give won't be enough to change the approach towards me in how this situation is perceived let alone handled.

But on the other hand, I've poured my heart and soul into this server and I know a lot of people don't like me but those in my little family of individuals and underdogs and rapscallions make it all worth while. It's a shame that yet again, somewhere in a different camp the name Peaky Blinders was brought into a negative light and it happened to be the Morrisons bunch this time who decided on believing the rumours and attack us based on no prior conversation or even quizzing us on the allegations that were made and didn't fancy taking 'Don't know what you're on about, off you pop' as a feasible or even believable answer but that's all irrelevant now as it's been proven false. Despite all that, these lads that are part of our little corner of the community are there for each other through thick and thin. All the time I spend on here is with them and I wouldn't want to deprive myself of that and I don't think the staff should either.

The question why should we unban you is simply requesting for me to provide you with some sense of context about who I am and what I'm about but despite not spending any time talking to staff without it being centred around an issue in game and not when I'm off wherever doing what I do best and I don't mean sitting in Legion but when I'm out in the field with the lads, it seems almost impossible.

I feel like the process should be a lot more personal, organic and case-specific and I definitely feel like the staff should actively engage in 'all' corners of the community a lot more as it's their duty to observe and understand those around them. Unfortunately spending a number of months in this server, I'm sad to say I've seen almost none of that apart from one Mr Charles Vane who is a stand up guy and will always take time to talk to people and hear their side of things before he grabs the ban-hammer, and I wish everyone could be more like him.

To conclude, make your decision based on what you know of me and what I try to achieve despite all the obstacles and other's pre-conceptions. There's so much more I could do and so many ideas yet undiscovered and not discussed that plenty of the community would love and enjoy to have. I just wish there was a lot better communication between those empowered and the masses that make up your community.

Please confirm this unban request is for you.

I have read and understand the unban appeal process

I confirm this is not a temporary ban as those are not appealable


Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe for your appeal.

Before you submit this form please confirm you have fully read our rules

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Right where do I begin.

Firstly, You believe that you should be spoken to before I pushed the ban on you, I am now going to explain why I didn't do this. I am not going to stop a roleplay situation to speak to someone to act within the rules, you should already be doing this, it is not my job to babysit people and telling them at that time of place this is what you can and can't do, you have read the rules and should understand them by now, this is your third game ban, you have also had a teamspeak ban which you had to appeal and where you admitted to reading all the rules and understanding them therefore you should know them by now and shouldn't need to be spoken to by an admin every time you do something dodgy or against the rules they are not complicated. 

Now onto the actual situation you were injured on the floor instead of roleplaying that you are injured you decided to just hurl abuse and then basically mention that you will remember this (obviously if you do use the information of you death that would be breaching the NLR rule) - When somebody is injured they must be roleplaying that they are injured not shit talking the people who have just shot you.

Now i spoke to you afterwards regarding the situation and you claimed that the situation was caused due to rule breaks, I want this to go on record therefore I am going to repeat myself here, If something happens in a situation which you believe is wrong / against the rules you don't act out, you continue with the roleplay situation and then after its all done and dealt with you speak to the parties involved and attempt to resolve it, you do not stop the situation and make it 10x worse then it should be. (example here if you are a football fan would be "play to the whistle")

Now as I've mentioned this is now your 3rd game ban, 4th overall including your teamspeak ban, how many chances to you require to play on the server within the rules? 


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Thanks for the reply Robbie. To be honest with you laying there dead or acting injured was the last thing on my mind after what I believed was an RDM situation and I accept that the reaction I had to this was completely unacceptable and a sure break of 'roleplaying everything'. In my defence, I  was angry following the argument that took place and was appalled by watching my friends and gang members getting mow down and VDM'd with little attempt to have a normal, let alone peaceful conversation. I personally had no idea what was going on until after I was rdm'd due to being absent mindedly walking back to me car, dismissing the pointless conversation and I was taken completely by surprise from that moment. Afterwards my reaction of having a go at them and saying 'I'd remember this' (potentially suggesting a breach of the NLR) was a product of the environment and situation and one that I'm very sorry for and regret immensely. 

As we discussed afterwards, I was attempting to reach out to admins from the moment I believe I was rdm'd after being stabbed when returning to my car, but as we both agreed my keyboard following the double-death bug that rendered my keyboard inept it was pretty much a lost cause and I was telling the other Blinders to do /report, only to find out from yourself that that feature seldom works, if ever. However my inability to report and get the attention of the admins did not excuse the fact that I took it upon myself to enter an argument and contribute towards the very PG13 conversation that took place and I feel embarrassed that the actions of others caused me to behave in this way and I am completely responsible for what I said and my part of the situation that you discovered and chose to act upon. 

I no longer think that it would have been the right action to separate the groups and deal with us on the rule infringements instead of taking action, as we are all experienced role-players on FiveM and other platforms we should definitely know better, myself most of all and your decision to punish me for disregarding what should already be fully cemented in my head was fully justified and I apologise for arguing that you should have acted differently. I was surprised by the situation, I was knocked off the ball and lost focus and I acted out in an inappropriate manner and deserved the action that was taken against me and I feel massively humbled and frustrated at myself for jeopardising what is clearly my favourite way to spend my time.

If yourself and the staff feel it is okay to give me one final chance and allow me to come back, I will use this opportunity to best serve the community how I can and 100% remove myself from any conflicting situation going forward and be a shining example of a member of this community. I will apply for the NHS and the PD, if they'll have me, and try to reconnect with the server the best way that I can and do my bit to provide additional support to the much needed in-game services and use my rather high amount of available hours on the game to do so rather than thinking only of myself. Members of my own group have even come to me and we have discussed my need to rethink how I will interact with the server if I am granted a return and have agreed with me that this would be the best course of action if I am so, even if this means I'll no longer be able to role-play as my main toon. It is expected of me to do a lot better, this community deserves better and I will be better provided the opportunity. 

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Right then @jay1337 I am going to give you one final chance and I want to make this clear, you will not be receiving warnings or even a telling off if you do something against the rules again, you will be getting a 6 month ban (minimum) with no appeal until the time frame has expired. Do not waste this opportunity that you are being given.



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Welcome Back!

Now that you’ve been unbanned don’t forget to give our rules a thorough read over again here.

Please note unbans on the server are instant and you will be able to connect straight away.

Additionally, to get more involved with the community join our Steam Group and Discord!

Steam Group: RPUK Steam Group

Discord: RPUK Discord



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