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no daily pay for Mechanic


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 not getting the daily pay for been a mechanic im signed in as mechanic 

if i sign out and go unemployed  i get the daily pay for been unemployed  just not reciving anything while been signed in as a mechanic

 i dont have no video of it happening  and dont have no video of not getting my daily pay as im not getting it and dont get any form of notification saying that i have  also left it ticking over  and cheacking bank account after  a few days have past with no change to the balance 


if video of this is needed  i will provide it

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The real John Doe

Im a lvl 3 mechanic, and my pay works fine. But the leveling up is a pain. Done A LOT of jobs, but havent since the Mechanic job is broken atm, hope it will get fixed soon. Miss my job 🙂

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10 hours ago, Recon Nine said:

@st3alth Can you confirm that you are a lvl 4 mechanic?

yes i am a lvl 4 mechanic


was talking to few other mechanics aswell last week or so and they were all getting the daily  normal pay for there level

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