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Estate Agent/Property Rework




As i'm sure you all know i'm terrible at writing suggestions so bare with it and i'm sure you can see where i'm going with it but be as constructive as you can please give reasons why you disagree or agree with it

Brief Summary: A Group of people (whitelisted heavily monitored as to make sure its not abused) that would essential look after the housing and business side of the island, making it an RP part to buying a property be it housing or business related 

Detailed Suggestion:

Estate agents would be the people that finalize the selling of properties and maintaining the ones currently owned by people already including removing squatters or reselling abandoned properties. Letting people know the ins and outs of houses and all that jazz

Now this is the part that is probably going to annoy people, A weekly or monthly payment on properties yes its like rent but lets call it council tax 🙂 Payment would have to be made on or around say the last day of the month and once the person goes into arrears the property is removed from their ownership and passed on/sold onto someone else

This wouldn't be an automated procedure, you would have to find a loyal member of the Estate agency to make the payment and they would of course have to notify the person who owns the house and give them enough time to make payments so you wouldn't lose it because you was working lates and couldn't jump on in time

The Pros: 

No more rushing at restart to be the first come first serve gets a business or new house, You would instead need to RP it out with people maybe even business plans and all that jazz

RP for peeps to buy a house or business, Bushiness' will have a reason to encourage others to come to them and make sales instead of just buying it they hype dies off after a week then you have empty shops with no sign of being restocked 

Hopefully Devs dont have to sit there and do a clear out of inactive properties as a group of people will be doing it monthly in game thus we wont have all the cheaper houses all taken and left empty and unused because people simply arent around and someone who is cant afford the the houses in the hills because tommy mctomson owns the cheap house but hasn't been seen since may

too me at least its good for the server economy What else are you going to do with your millions just sitting in your bank if you own everything

The Cons:

Majority of people are against a fee for what they already own (fair enough so would i be)

Its an all new system so it would i imagine require a fair bit of dev time

Hopefully it doesn't become an ooc friends club and locks people away with no chance

Does this suggestion change balance on the server ?

Economically yes, gives you something to do with money just sitting in your bank is a legal business 

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