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Impound Mechanic Job Problems


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Just three quick things to point out on this one 

1) After a number of Impound mechanic jobs have been completed, the flashing circle-y yellow icons that appear on the mini-map and map will stay flashing etc on the map long after the job has been completed and don't disappear unless you relog

2) Once you have detached the vehicle into the impound red circle at the bottom of the ramp and go over to it/inside it to impound the car, the process can often go through multiple rounds before it works or it just won't work at all and fails to impound

3) Even if it does get impounded mechanics aren't paid for the individual impound and also there's quite a lot of times where you don't receive XP for completing the job

(Yes I am aware the PBs have proposed their own mechanics company, just want to highlight the problems I've found experimenting with the vanilla service this morning)

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