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Tone Down Recoil (Automatic Weapons)


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Brief Summary:

My suggestion is to lower the recoil of automatic weapons as currently (at least the police SMG and Special Carbine) are borderline useless as consistently hitting shots.


Detailed Suggestion:

The recoil currently in feels very random causing rifles and smg's to be almost impossible to reliably control. This does further than just nerf automatic weapons and just makes them borderline useless when you could just use a pistol and hit better shots. It is far from realistic for pistols to be better at any range than smg/rifles.


I cant even hit most of my shots into a large sized target at 10 meters.
My main issues with the current implementation is that vertical recoil is quite high and horizontal spread is far too inconsistent and wide


The Pros:

- Makes automatic weapons actually useful and worth taking out

- Makes it more realistic


The Cons:

- Too little recoil can cause issues of weapon balancing


Does this suggestion change balance on the server ?

Yes - changes weapon balancing, but imo its for the better 


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