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Locking Vehicles




Brief Summary: Revert Vehicle Locking System to its previous function


Detailed Suggestion: 

I personally think that the Vehicle Locking system should be reverted back to its original state as the new one, forces you to stand still for a couple seconds and also forces you to put any weapons you have out away before you can lock/unlock your vehicle. I have personally also found that this effects people who want/need to pull their guns after decamping e.g. cops, as when you have to decamp and pull your weapon, ideally you would want to lock your car first (to prevent it from being stolen) which now, forces you to stand still, which for example either allows the other person to either get a head start to run, or to shoot you from inside their vehicle. This has made decamping significantly slower than it previously was, and this new Vehicle Locking system also makes it even slower to get into your vehicle. In other words, I think the main issue is having to stand still while locking/unlocking vehicles.


The Pros:

More Fluent/Less clunky

The Cons:


Does this suggestion change balance on the server ?

Makes exiting/entering vehicles quicker like it originally was

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Approved and implemented.

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