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Compensation Request - Harii - GTA RP


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Compensation Request

In-game Name: Harii Ahmed

Game: GTA RP

Steam ID: 76561199070448558

The date when this happened: 01/12/20

Please provide full detail and evidence: i cannot remember the date of when these were disabled but i had 13 smg ammo magazines and 50 pistol ammo magazines which cannot be used anymore i still have them but they're not useable i paid and put alot of of effort into buying these and robbing these of cops and now I can not use which seems like a waste it would be great if they could be compensated back to me so they're useable.

Link to any evidence:

Lost items and total value of compensation: 13 SMG MAGAZINES: 13 X 45 = 585. 50 PISTOL MAGAZINES: 50 X 30 = 1500.

Please confirm you have read and understand our Compensation Request terms: Yes


Thankyou for your submission

Our staff team will get back to you in this topic ASAP! In the meantime please ensure the details you have submitted above are correct.



will put evidence of me having the magazines soon.


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Hello Harii, 

Thank you for your patience on this Compensation Request. Unfortunately, after the way the ammo system was made got changed, we moved away from "Magazines" and moved to the system we have now. Sadly, we will not be compensating anyone for what these items would have been. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Thank you for playing on our GTARP Server. 

Happy Holidays!


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