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Los Santos Judge Applications - January 2021


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Dear Citizens of San Andreas,

We are pleased to say that we have re-opened applications for additional Judges.

Current Legal Overview

As you may remember, we managed to recruit a small core team in October who have helped structure and design a flexible system that has enabled us to try out different types and methods of court-hearing within Los Santos. The legal system at present can be split into some core components:

  • Providing Legal Advice & Attending Police Interviews                     (Solicitors liaise with police at the station)
  • Appealing Prison Sentences & Fines                                                  (Solicitors have access to view / create appeals for clients)
  • Bringing Civil Cases against organised groups e.g Police/NCA    (Solicitors have access to view / create cases for clients)
  • Defending Police/NCA/Other groups in cases                                  (Solicitors agree contract with relevant commands)
  • Approving Police/NCA Search Warrants                                            (Judges liaise with officers, ensuring Warrant Guidelines are followed)

As you can see, there's a variety of tasks that need completing by both solicitors and judges. Both roles require high levels of flexibility, people & communication skills and good organisation. Judges are expected to be neutral - however solicitors are able to be more involved and really build relationships with groups, providing they keep a clean criminal record of course.

Solicitors may also be part-time and contribute as and when they find cases. Judges are expected to hold a more regular commitment, with bits of OOC work as well.


So what sort of work are we expecting new Judges to help us take part in?

Primarily it's providing opinions. We have lots of discussions weekly about the fairest way to treat situations and individuals. There's also a fair amount of 'administration' such as replying to text messages, reading over solicitor applications, organising times/dates and analysing house-raid warrant documents that requires a really keen eye to detail. You will also need to listen to cases inside of the court and be prepared to speak publicly: making and justifying decisions.

We require integrity, impartiality and trustworthiness. You will be part of a team that has real influence over the balanced of the City. 

The ideal candidates should not hold any senior roles elsewhere which may bring their or our integrity and judgement into question. 


Application Process

Upon successful completion of the application, some candidates may be invited to interview in-front of members of the Judiciary & Government. All roles given will be on a trial basis to assess suitability for the role and all prospective applications will be subject to a full police criminal record check.

For an informal chat about the role and our vision, or just to ask any questions please message @Norman@Archie or text the Court Hotline ingame to arrange a chat.


Application Form - Judges

Application Form - Solicitors

Court Case Submission Form

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