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Bio Petrola Ltd.

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Bio Petrola Ltd. was founded in 2021, and is a C corporation, registered with the Los Santos city council as a private business, after being renamed from Symtech Industries on 17/01.


Bio Petrola Ltd. is a private company in Los Santos, with a focus on the fuel industries. Recently licensed as of Jan. 2021, we are seeking to aggressively expand into these emerging markets, and aim to do so by tapping into the rich natural resources that Los Santos has to offer, along with capitalising on the opportunities presented by an ever increasing demand for goods as the city grows. More information on our two primary revenues streams are detailed below.



We are targeting petrochemical (crude and petroleum) shipments as one of our two areas targeted for key growth this year. We are licensed to transport petroleum products due to a contract with the city's primary extraction and distillation provider, RON oil. Our drivers can be seen at the city's primary industrial hub on a daily basis, and are often to be spotted on the Los Santos highway in HGV tankers, delivering to a number of petrol stations across the island.


As part of our green initiative to reduce our carbon footprint, we have started a scheme of exclusively fueling our fleet of HGVs with ecologically friendly biofuels, grown locally in Blaine County. By using these fuels, we can help offset the CO2 release of traditional unleaded and diesel vehicle emissions, and by sourcing locally we cut down on the carbon emissions that otherwise would be made when sourcing further afield. We aim to try and transition the city away from fossil fuels towards the cleaner and more sustainable biofuel alternative.



We are seeking new employees, from all backgrounds. Whether you are a seasoned driver, or a bloke with a shovel, there is a role for everyone at Bio Petrola. We accept both full and part-time employees, and have a 0 hours requirement for weekly work. Busy and unsure of when you are available? Not a problem, you can work when YOU feel up to the task! For employment queries please use the following channels:

Contact recruitment (in-game) on : 834-2700

Contact recruitment (out of game) by either private messaging 'Smith' here on our website, or via the 'Discord' phone application.


Our founder

<Picture to be added>

Bio Petrola Ltd. was founded by Maxwell Smith. Smith, as he commonly goes by, is a part time frontline officer in the Los Santos Police Service, and has a desire to enact positive change with the local community. Presently, he is acting CEO.


Current Investors

Mystix East


Renowned Los Santos business man and car dealer, Mystix brings years of experience in the automative industry to Bio Petrola, and is our first 7 figure investor. We are delighted to have him on board, and have already worked closely in rebranding the company and shifting our focus into specific key markets.


We are seeking investors. Please get in touch with our CEO, with the above contact information if this is something that interests you.

The assets and income of shareholders are separate to that of Bio Petrola Ltd. As a C corp. there is the added benefit of investor limited liability, meaning that the most you can lose in the failure of the business is the amount you have invested, with any person or secondary investor income stream protected. As a C corp, you are able to re invest earnings from Bio Petrola back into the company at a reduced corporate tax rate.

Finally, we aim to publish our full financial records on a quarterly basis, and are also mandated to form a board of directors elected by our shareholders.



Bio Petrola Ltd.

198 Power Street

Los Santos

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