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Michael Kourse Barrister

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Michael Kourse
Civil and Criminal Barrister
LSMOJ Licensed

Telephone: 159-2115
Discord: MK#4213

About Michael Kourse
Michael Kourse started off in Los Santos doing honest work as a mechanic, alongside his work he trained as a solicitor and barrister in Los Santos. His first appointment was to a firm by the name of ‘Fabela & Sons’ to which he quickly ranked his way up to Senior Partner. He is now working as an independent solicitor and barrister to broaden his opportunities within the legal sector. 

Michael Kourse has worked on a variety of cases including civil law, criminal defence, and criminal prosecution. In addition, Kourse is well-placed within the justice system, frequently working with other solicitors, judges, and police officers. 

Civil Law

Civil law is just as important in Los Santos as criminal law, it enables victims to pursue damages caused to them by another party. Examples of my work in civil law include Talentino v National Crime Agency, where the judge ordered a police-lead investigation into the actions of the National Crime Agency’s practices. Unfortunately we didn’t win the claim in this instance, however this was due to the report finding data corruption resulting in the loss of evidence on the National Crime Agency’s side. 

Criminal Defence
Criminal Defence is the backbone to my work as a solicitor on Los Santos. I am available for legal defence in court and in emergency consultation. An emergency consultation is where a person is arrested and requests legal representation. 
If you have been arrested, it is always best to call a legal representative otherwise it may be the officer's word over yours. Don’t feel like you are a burden either, it is your right to have access to a legal representative. As a barrister I have a variety of methods that I can use to ensure results and satisfaction for my clients. 

It is best that you save my telephone number so just in case you are arrested by the police. 

Criminal Court of Appeals
You have the right to appeal any fine or prison sentence issued to you by the police if you think it is unjust, no matter the amount or length. The Court of Appeals process allows us to get access to the prosecution's evidence and make a robust case in your favour if you couldn't already. 

Criminal Prosecution
I offer services as a criminal prosecutor on behalf of private individuals and Law Enforcement Agencies. I have experience in working on criminal cases, at time of writing I am pursuing criminal charges against an employee of the National Crime Agency for perjury and misconduct in public office. 

For Solicitors
If you are a solicitor on Los Santos and you need to bring a case to court, I have experience with working in the courts. I offer my services as a barrister in both Criminal and Civil cases. The benefit to you is that it reduces the workload that you have to do, and I can provide the necessary advice on bringing your case to the courts. 

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1 minute ago, Norman said:

He does take a while to get disclosure through though

I put my effort into producing disclosure for the courts and my learned friends. Patience is a virtue. 

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Brilliant to work with Chris Conway @TikTakand Judge Norman Jones @Normanthis evening on an impromptu court case. The Los Santos Police Service need to understand the meaning of maximum penalties, they should only be used for the most serious offenders. 

We managed to prove to the court the defendant's lower culpability despite the efforts of the prosecution to paint him as the Joker. 

Well done to all those who attended.


Also glad to hear that @Nikolai Belski's outstanding tickets were removed. They were issued mistakenly, but without help from a solicitor he could well be behind bars for something he didn't do! 

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We have officially charged a member of the LS NCA for Misconduct in Public Office and Perjury. 

He is now awaiting trial.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Solicitor Training Course

Do you want to fulfil your Los Santos dreams of becoming a registered solicitor? Michael Kourse will be offering a training course that will develop your skills and help put up great arguments in court or at a police station. The full details of the training course will be coming soon, expected by the end of March 2021. 

Remember to follow this topic if you are interested so you don't miss out on the opportunity!

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