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The Aztecas

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Who are we you may ask? Let me explain.


The Azteca's were a gang formed in the Jails of EL Paso in 1986. A loyal gang willing to commit murder of civilians in order to keep fear in the minds of its members and ensure their loyalty and obedience. Currently residing in the Sandy Shores area of Los Santos, The Azteca's have been hiding in plain sight, under the name, The Commission. Under this artificial name, The Azteca's have been able keep up to date with the Drug Trafficking and Weapons Trade within the city of Los Santos, whilst also infiltrating the trade routes of the Senora Desert, disrupting the active flow of Guns and Narcotics within the city.


While being incognito as 'The Commission', The Azteca's got involved in Illegal and Unsanctioned Street Racing. By hosting regular Car meet ups and illegal street racing, The Azteca's got to know most of the Locals within the city. The Azteca's used the Street races as a camouflage to get the information they needed on 'The Vagos'. By talking to their members during the Racing Events, The Azteca's were able to gather enough information on 'The Vagos' to figure out the routes they use for smuggling drugs and weapons into the city.



With the older leader Cesar Vialpando now dead and gone, Jaffa Benitez, the son of Cesar, has stepped up to become the leader of The Azteca's. 

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24/01/2021 - Azteca Car Meet 











Hope you all enjoyed today's car meet! Was a huge success. Over 50 Cars turned up!

Will hopefully have another one soon, with prizes up for grabs! Which include a car!!


Again, Thank you. 
-The Azteca's


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After The Ballas and The Lost MC turn against The Aztecas, they have made the decision to go underground and prepare for a long haul ahead. A lot is on the line for them and some vital decisions must be made about how they get out of a very bad situation. This is the opening of a long story for the Aztecas.



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