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Report a player - Madgoergie oengengeng abd - Altis Life

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Report a player 

Your In-game Name: Mitchell

Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Madgoergie oengengeng abd

Which server did the incident take place on: Altis Life

Date of the incident: 02/23/21

Time of the incident (GMT): 10

What best describes this incident ?: fail rp/rdm

Please (in detail) describe the incident: i went to sell my salt he demands me put hands up he says friends allie in the area i see so do i/ and then he says is that a trheat and he shoots me

Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot):

This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes

You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes

This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes


nvm oergengeng abullah didint got him on video

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As I was involved in this situation I'll comment my side of things, in-game after the first initiation I said "If I receive any threats I will use lethal force" You then proceeded to say "I have friends in the area I advise you stop right now", I then proceeded to ask you "Is that a threat sir?" then you say "Same type that you gave to me" Which in this situation I was threatening you hint that it's an armed robbery. I'd like to ask that you upload the following 20-30 seconds after you got downed due to you breaking RP or at least it sounded like you said "you are getting banned", In this situation I believe this is a report because you didn't like the way the situation played out hint you losing that money I don't believe that I broke a rule here, I gave you plenty of time to comply and simply asked you "Is that a threat sir?" with your response being a threat I believe I had my right to shoot you if this is incorrect I'd appreciate being corrected however please elaborate on your report how you mentioned I "Fail RP" I don't see any fail RP in the video or in your description, also you refused to hop into a Liason with me instead saying "It's too late" instead you just demanded comp without talking to me, regards MadGeordie.

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Alright mate well I'm not gonna start a petty debate on here, you referred to what you said to me as "The same as you said to me" or along those lines while I've already threatened you basically saying you're threatening me man so it is what it is, we'll see what happens gl hf in game buddy.

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Your report is currently being reviewed, Please be patient while the evidence is reviewed

Please keep checking this report regularly just in case the reviewing staff member has any questions

Thank you for your report and you doing your part to keep our community clean! 

I`ll give it some more time for both parties to leave their input for processing, after 24 hours from this post it will then be overviewed again.

ADMIN Staff Team :Message me if you have any Ingame issues or any other concerns within the community. You Can Also follow me on : https://www.twitch.tv/infoaluk for some ADMIN patrols.

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After watching the action that happen from minute 4:31, I wished there would had been more of a effort from the RP from both sides. I get that the situation was very tense for both sides, especially when hostile threats are being made during the robbery. The player with the gun was very nervous during the his intiation, I hoped that he would had put more RP into his robbery too. 

The player that got shot afterwards didnt break RP to my understanding, he said: that is going to be a bad one for you. You could had taken away his GPS and his comms, so he wouldnt have a chance to callout whatever information. 

Am going to be lenient on this situation, let this be a warning on the low RP given. Please improve the RP next time during a robbery.

No ban will be issued here, notes will be made on player accounts. 

Thank you for your report, Unfortunately, it has been declined

The staff member will advise shortly why on this occasion they have declined to take action against the reported player.

Please do not let this put you off making further reports in the future, We rely on our player base to help keep our community clean.

ADMIN Staff Team :Message me if you have any Ingame issues or any other concerns within the community. You Can Also follow me on : https://www.twitch.tv/infoaluk for some ADMIN patrols.

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